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The Sleeping Baby System and Digital Video  

  • The Sleeping Baby System ebook  and
  • The Sleeping Baby System Sleep Seminar Digital Video -3 hours.
  • Newborns to 11 months 

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The Sleeping Toddler System  

  • The Sleeping Toddler System ebook- for 1-5 year olds 

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Every day I hear mothers say "why hasn't anyone told me this information before?"

As a Health Professional, I want to inspire and ignite your innate mothering instincts to confidently respond to your baby or toddler's sleeping and settling needs and enjoy your parenting without 'Sleep Training', 'Cry It Out' or 'Controlled Crying'.

Imagine your baby crying less and sleeping more...

Imagine your toddler sleeping in their bed all night...

Imagine enjoying your parenting with a confident plan...

Imagine creating more free time for you to relax and nurture you...

How much difference would this make to your life, home, work and relationships?

I want to empower you with the confidence to know how to create great days and nights and find the most comfortable sleep strategy for your baby or toddler.

These simple 5 step systems walk you by the hand, in detail, at your pace, in your own home. The Sleeping Baby System and Sleeping Toddler System allow you to make personal choices along the way for your baby or toddler to achieve more sleep. My systems encourage you to respond to your baby or toddler when they cry and to let them know you are there for them to help them settle back to sleep.

These are not little books, they are a how-to manual. Available as a pdf to download right now.  

As Child and Family Health Nurse and a parent myself I appreciate that you may be wondering if this will really work when you have already recieved so much information from many sources and may feel overwhelmed with it all. I would like you to know that I value my reputation, my qualifications and my business and if my system didn't work I wouldn't be offering it to you. The below testimonial is a sample from parents like yourself who were looking for answers and support and are now enjoying their sleep and their parenting. This could be your family. As a service provided by a Health Professional ask your health fund about a rebate on my personal service fees.


"Hello Natalie, Your technique has been fantastic.  My baby is getting to sleep by herself time and time again, and staying asleep!  The book really is more like a manual for a new baby and should be given to every new parent! Thank-you. Regards, Sarah."

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Natalie Sign     

CFHN (Child and Family Health Nurse), RN (Registered Nurse), Post Grad Dip In Health Promotion          

Natalie Ebrill, Platinum Author



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