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Natalie Ebrill- Your International Baby Sleep Consultant

Mother, Entrepreneur, Creator of the Sleeping Baby System, Self-starter, Sought-after

A Mother who loves her sleep zzzzzzzzzz

My 3 daughtersNatalie is a mother who has been where you are right now. She understands how you feel at 3 o’clock in the morning – exhausted and overwhelmed. Natalie knows too well the struggle that parents face when they are sleep deprived, and the feeling that it will never end.

Natalie lives in Merewether, a beachside suburb of Newcastle NSW Australia, with her three daughters Lauren, Jennifer and Rebecca. Her life revolves around ‘wearing out’ the girls at the beach (to encourage sleep!), lots of ‘pink’ in the house (they are girls after all), laughter (the best medicine), and helping young families to sleep again.


Since 2004, Natalie Ebrill has dedicated her nursing career to learning and modelling holistic sleeping and settling strategies that provide real results - consistently. As a Registered Nurse and Child and Family Health Nurse with over twenty years of experience in Australia, Natalie saw too many sleep-deprived families that needed more practical care and information than the clinic visit provided. That is why she developed The Sleeping Baby System® and the Sleeping Toddler System. 

Creator of the Sleeping Baby System and Sleeping Toddler System

Natalie offers a down-to-earth solution to getting little ones to self-settle and sleep longer. After years of experience working as nurse and being a mother, Natalie discovered that effective sleeping and settling strategies were only part of the puzzle. Natalie understands that every baby is an individual and every family is unique. The Sleeping Baby System and Sleeping Toddler System provide a holistic approach to solving children’s sleeping problems by focusing on routine, feeding, playing and bedroom environment issues along with the sleep strategy for children aged newborns to five year olds. The solution is never just about the sleep.

Through the Sleeping Baby System and Sleeping Toddler System, Natalie empowers parents with information, confidence and personal choices.

Self-starter and Child and Family Health Nurse

Being a motivated, passionate, self-starter Natalie has accomplished everything she has set out to achieve. She is a mother of three daughters. She is founder of Sleep and Settle® and creator of the Sleeping Baby System®. Her caring and compassionate nature made it an instinctive move into the nursing industry where she earned a Diploma in Applied Science (Nursing), Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Health Promotion) through the University of Newcastle and Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health through the University of Western Sydney, Australia.


Health professionals; publishing groups; pre-schools daycare, mothers groups; and community organisations seek Natalie’s expertise in sleeping and settling strategies for newborns to 5 year olds.

Natalie is sought-after for her:

  • The ‘Sleep and Settle® Secrets’ newsletter 
  • Personal consultations - in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley 
  • Phone and Skype consultations for parents across the globe 
  • Seminars in Australia and Hong Kong 
  • Published articles in parenting websites, newsletters, and magazines such as Inside Discovery Bay (Hong Kong) and Little Hands of the Hunter.
  • Parenting expertise for Australian parenting websites 
  • The Mummy Project-Newcastle 

I love working with sleep deprived parents and giving you your life back.

I can help you with:

One-on-one telephone, skype or in home consultations.

Group Sleep seminars for Babies and Toddlers.

ebooks and video. 


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