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Natalie Recommends

My 'go-to' page for everything I like, know and trust.  
My Favourite Products:  
My favourite SLEEP/feeding/milestones recording app

'The Baby Diaries'    app by Australian Tara O'Connell  purchase it here

Colic Relief Hylands Colic relief- Homeopathic tiny tablets as above.
Teething relief Brauer's teething relief- Homeopathic available in pharmacies and health stores.
Colic Relief Brauer's Colic relief- Homeopathic and will provide relief from the pain of colic. Parents should also consider feeding issues and seeing a Paediatric Chiropractor.
My favourite barrier/general cream Lucas Papaw Ointment, my girls and I use it everyday!
My favourite play mat- soft mats

I am excited about Soft Mats! This is the perfect surface for your baby to have floor play and tummy time in any location. Easy to clean, great range of patterns to choose from and will save your lounge room rug. Vinyl coated memory foam that is the perfect temperature and surface for active floor play.

Bubs at Rutherford and Tuggerah, Baby Bunting Warners Bay or online.

My favourite for sleeping bags baby shop online

Experience the convenience of shopping from home with one of Australia's first online baby stores. The baby shop online stocks a variety of well known brands, as well as many exclusive and hard to find items. Summer and winter sleeping bags available all year round. 276 Brunker rd Adamstown, 2289 NSW phone: 1800 babies

Sleep cover for Strollers 'Snoozeshade Plus', Capsule/stroller Sleep Cover  available online throughout Australia.
My favourite spray when I'm overwhelmed

Rescue Remedy! It's homeopathic, so spray it under your tongue whenever you want to. It's in my handbag and my girls use it before speeches and exams. 

My recommended books:  
Cure your child with food By Kelly Dorfman-dietician. This informative and practical book address the most common childhood illnesses and disorders and offers nutritional advice on how to treat your child. Kelly helps us to understand that our childrens issues are uaually a result of an irritant in our child's diet (food intolerance) or a vitamin or mineral deficiency. 
Healing the new childhood epidemics By Dr Kenneth Bock and Cameron Stauth. This eye opening book delves into the 4 common illnesses and disorders in our children from the early 1990's of Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies and how to treat them without prescription drugs, based on nutrition, vitamins and minerals. For a program similar to the one outlined in the book please ask for Roch Shamley or Alan Malouf from Visionary Health, Beaumont St Hamilton ph: 49695081
Fussy Baby By Joan Breakey Dietician. On the introduction of solids, fussy babies and food intoleracnes. A very practical and informative step by step book that helps parents and health professionals. google for purchase.
The Failsafe Cookbook by Sue Dengate. Contains hundreds of new and improved recipes for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and desserts, special ocassions, vegetarian and gluten free. Follow Sue's step by step guide for eliminating harnful natural and addes food chemicals.It is possible to be free of a wide range of health and behavioural problems caused by food intolerance.
Cut out the crap for kids by Collette White. Gives you hundreds of tasty recipes in three recipe books that are all gluten, dairy and preservative free!
The Wheat Belly Cookbook by Dr William Davis- 150 recipes to lose the wheat, lose the weight and find your path back to health.
The gluten free almond flour cookbook By Elana Amsterdam. Delicious recipes for those of us who can't eat 'normal' food' but crave the yummy fabourites. Low glycaemic, low cholesterol and dairy free.
SWEET POISON, BIG FAT LIES David Gillespie lawyer and IT consultant explores scientifically and historically the role sugar has played in the worlds obesity crisis. It doesn't matter how much exercise you do if your body cannot detect sugar in your diet and turns it all to fat. We have hormones to detect fat and protein in the diet and tell us when we have had enough and to stop eating. Our hormones don't detect fructose and so we overeat and drink anything with fructose in it. Sugar is half glucose and half fructose. Sugar is in everything we eat. A must read for every parent to ensure a healthy body, mind and spirit for ourselves and our children. 
My favourite discipline approach

'1-2-3 magic' book by Dr Thomas Phelan. This books offer you a simple and calm approach to dealing with behaviours you wish to 'stop' in your children from 3 years of age. Great read, I wish it knew this when my children were little!

My favourite baby meals cookbook Author Annabel Karmel, cookbooks available from Big W, Target and other retailers.
For a positive relationship with your partner

'The 5 love languages' book by Gary Chapman. Dr Chapman helps you identify how you and your partner like to show and receive love in one of 5 ways: physical, time, words of affirmation, gifts and acts of service. By identifying you and your partner's primary and secondary love languages you can 'love' your partner the way they like to receive it and vice versa. It is common that we all have different ways of showing love and it's a relationship saving idea to identify and communicate this with your partner. 

For positive relationships with your children

'The 5 love languages of children' book by Gary Chapman. Your children have primary and secondary love languages as well. You can identify how to show your individual children love.

For positive relationships with your teenagers

'The 5 love languages of teenagers' book by Gary Chapman. As your children mature into teenagers their ideas of how you can show them love change! However you can modify their love language into a way that they will appreciate and not be embarrassed by. Heaven forbid.

Love these for your baby or toddler

'That's not my...' (dinosaur, puppy, mermaid, bunny etc) touchy/feely hard cover books that are the perfect length for your 2-3 stories before bed or in playtime. They encourage a little interaction and are great for learning new words. Target, Big W, Angus and Robinson.

For dealing with emotions

'When I'm feeling...' (happy, loved, sad, angry, scared, jealous etc) I love these books. I have bought all of them in the series for my own children and all the nieces and nephews. These books help your children identify their different emotions and learn strategies to deal with those emotions. How wonderful! by Trace Moroney.

For encouraging your toddler to read Mem Fox- 'Reading Magic'. How your child can learn to read before school.
If you are feeling rock bottom

'Count your blessings' Dr John De Martini this book helped me through my separation.

If you want to take control of your financial future 'Rich Woman' book by Kim Kiyosaki, wife of 'Rich dad poor dad' Author Robert Kiyosaki
If you want to feel great in your clothes  'What your clothes say about you' Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine 
My favourite services:  
Val Gent from Let's Eat Speech Pathology Georgetown 0434 387 675
Paediatric Speech Pathologist for feeding and speech issues Belinda Reece Firstchance Newcastle Uni. phone: 49216277
Paediatric OT for sensory feeding issues. Rachel Elliot and team at Ability Focus OT. Kahiba ph: 40232333
Dr Jane Watson Paediatric Dietician Jane specialises in children with food intolerances, allergies and supports you through the RPA elimination diet. Ethos Health Newcastle West and Charlestown 49628700. 
Ruth Fellows Nutritionist East Maitland and Branxton 0425 301 485  Ruth supports the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital elimination diet
Alison Bencke Dietician Charlestown 49422599
Kim Kelson Dietician Merewether ph             Kim supports the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Elimination Diet.
Dr John Malcolm Immunologist Allergy testing Hamilton 49615576
Daniella Maree Ruru-Mobile Massage for Mums

19 McIsaac St Tighes Hill, Newcastle. Travels within 15 mins from Tighes Hill.                   Phone: 0438 916 561

The Mummy Project A new and exciting website for Newcaste and lower hunter Valley mums called The Mummy Project. It contians information about baby and kids events, services and activities. Join them on facebook for daily updates and interact with other mums.       

Food intolerance testing For food sensitivities not allergies.

Royal Prince Alfred Hopital Elimination diet. SEE Sue Dengate's page below.

Sue Dengate-Fed up with Allergies 

and food intolerances

Increasingly, I am seeing sleep and behaviour disturbances in my clients due to food intollerances or allergies. This is a must read website full of informative fact sheets and information on the RPA Elimination diet.

To look up aymptoms that are effected by diet: On home page click on INFORMATION then 'FACTSHEETS' THEN 'ALL FACTSHEETS LIST', on next page Click on the SYMPTOM your child is experiencing, to see the natural foods, food chemicals and artificial chemicals that may be contributing to this symptom. Alternatively click on the additive/colouring/ingredient that you want to learn about. HERE'S THE DIRECT LINK 

Also see 'Shopping List' under INFORMATION TAB for a list of all brands in the supermarkets that don't have any 'numbers' in them (preservatives, colours and flavours).

Paediatric Chiropractor-The Junction Mary Bourke Vitality Junction The Junction NSW ph:49691965
Peadiatric Chiropractor-Charlestown Michael Dunn- Private Practice Charlestown- 49431887
Paediatric Chiropractor-Charlestown Dorte Bladt- Family Chiropractic Charlestown- 49424842
Paediatric Chiropractor-Hamilton Total balance Chiro- Hamilton NSW ph: 49692886
Paediatric Chiropractor-East Maitland Hunter Healthy Spines-Gary ph: 49330588
Paediatric Chiropractor-Nelson Bay Kevin Schwager ph: 49811664
Paediatric Chiropractor- Hornsby Tori Wright Ph: 94766888
Paediatric Chiropractor Erina Matthew Hodgson Platinum Chiro Erina ph: 43655055

Paediatric chiropractor-Central coast Woy Woy

Dr Nelson ph: 43443599
Paediatric Chiropractor- Central Coast Greg Parker ph: 43921825
Paediatric Osteopath-Warners Bay Kim Wheeler- Warners Bay NSW ph: 49473099
Dreaming of a calm birth?

Penny Williams-Empowering Calm Birth classes- Ph: 0417 473 746 Calm Connexions

Baby Sensory Newcastle newborns to 1 year olds

Toddler tactics- Newcastle 1-5 year olds

Essential Moves- Look-move-learn 6-12 year olds

Would you like to be inspired with 'how' to play with your child and help them reach their essential milestones in order and on time? You will love Baby Sensory and Essential Play.

Essential Moves is a non invasive, drug free method of approaching developmental delays, behavioural problems, reading and learning difficulties. Focusing on movement and neuological development. Phone Kelly on 0419 617 226

Capsule Hire and car seat fitting        

Child Safe Hunter Valley- Hire, Sales and Installation of Child Restraints

Steve Kelleher Installations of car seats and capsules! (Natalie recommends hiring capsules) OfficePh: 02 49213374 mobile: 0439 690260 Located on the grounds of John Hunter Hospital (near Ronald McDonald House) We Hire: Baby Capsules, Bassinets, Child Restraints, Ports cots We sell: Child Restraints, Boosters, Prams, Porta cots.
Australian Breastfeeding Association

Australia's voluntary breastfeeding support service. Mother to mother counselling, online services, parenting products, friendship, information and social contact. Local groups meet Australia wide. Volunteer HELPLINE: Call 1800 MUM 2 MUM / 1800 686 2 686

Blokes Babies Breastfeeding DVD

Warwick Shanks 0406 660116 Blokes and Babies PO Box 631 Wollongong 2520 NSW Ausatralia

dads flying solo

Help for single dads. A site to bring together all the information and resources to support single dads. A safe place where solo dads can ask for help and support or get their questions answered. Positive and suppportive environment. Jeremy Phone: (61) 414 532 751

Dr Oliver Brown - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist MRCOG FRANZCOG

Choosing your doctor is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and known for their skills. Someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options and treat you as a person, not just a patient. Specialising in Obstetrics, Vaginal Surgery and Urogynaecology

The bub hub-Pregnancy, parenting and more

The bub hub is an online destination with a multitude of support services. Parents can find help in the service directory, join a forum, buy and sell, explore holiday options, look for a job, enter competitions, save money, join the newsletter and lots more.


Kiddicare provides professional childcare and babysitting services to the upper Hunter and Newcastle regions. Specialising in corporate functions.

Lil Aussie Prems

Support network and services for families with premature babies.

Lime Octopus

Online business templates and support. Fantastic marketing advice and ideas.

Baby Blossom Cloth Nappies

Baby Blossom supply a large range of modern cloth nappies and baby products for your modern baby. We can provide you a full range of environmentally friendly nappies and accessories.

Babeaze online store

Welcome to Babeaze, the online store where you can purchase unique and practical products that will make your life with baby easier. Babeaze provides products that have been parent invented and therefore provide solutions for everyday parenting problems.

Mum Zone-Parenting website

Mum Zone is a one stop, interactive parenting website full of useful and practical resources, ideas and tips to make life as a mum just that little bit easier and more fun. Share your experiences, tips and ideas with others!

Baby Business a website

Baby Business makes it easy to find pregnancy, baby, toddler and parenting related products and services. Browse through our expanding directory to find the right gift ideas, clothing, resources and plenty more for your baby or toddler. Our baby directory is supported with Mum Zone's valuable pregnancy, baby, toddler and parenting resources available at

Ivy Emerald Designer Christening Gowns and Heirloom accessories.

Ivy Emerald is dedicated to providing beautifully designed Christening gowns, rompers, heirloom gifts and accessories and tips to ensure your baby's special day is unforgettable. Also available moses baskets- for safe and comfortable sleeping and transport outside the bassinette. Mosman Sydney NSW. Phone (61) 2 99696074

Moment by Moment- a journey of a premature baby.

Fiona Dixon 0408 689330 43347361 fax 02 49109065 Support-personal stories-friendship-online shop-online journals- understanding.

Resumes for results

Resumes for results help with updating your resume, presentation and overal performance in returning to work or landing that new job! They offer: Professional resumes, application letters, selection criteria, interview caoching, personal/business profiles and email/telephone consultations.

Positive Transitions

Support for Post natal Depression

Anne Bunt- Principal Consultant and Coaching Pychologist Phone: 0418 230 706, 38 Ken Tubman Drive, Maitland. 2320 NSW Helping people be empowered to fulfil their potential and live engaged meaningful lives. Positive Transitions provide: Personal Work/life coaching, Corporate/Organisational services and psychological counselling/therapy including Post Antal Depression.

Bubs About Town 

Newcastle Parenting Website

Bubs About Town is a unique parenting website for Newcastle families. An informative and supportive social networking site, with up to date relevant information, progressively building to become a useful resource for Newcastle families. View discounts and specials at local stores, family friendly and dining out information, events calender, featured products, articles and member diaries, plus much more up coming features to follow soon. The Bubs About Town team are passionate about helping their local community get out and about to ENJOY what the Newcastle area has to offer
Wendy Laver-Medium Wendy will blow your mind and empower your future. mobile: 0417 819 323
My personal business services:  


My Feng Shui, Colour and Numerology consultant

Chris Brazel Happy homes, happy people, happy kids. Work in showing people how to refresh their environment through feng shui, colour and numerology. I am a very happy client of Chris! If you feel like you need a change or your life, home, business  or office needs refreshing Chris is your lady. Phone  02 9972 2481

My Favourite photograher Cleo Pedemonte 0402 131 471
My Website Designer Mitchell Holding- Partnercorp ph: 49695955
My Branding Expert Kent Woodcock- Creative Solutions 0414 623 782
My Printing company

Who Printing- Mayfield East- ph: 49153050

My Business Coach Lenore Miller-Ignite your business mojo 0410 688 614
My DVD production Company Waters Productions-Debra Waters ph: 0411 392 844


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