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Tips for bedwetting in older children

What ís normal? Are my expectations too high?
The average age of being ready for toilet training is 2 1⁄2 years. Girls are often ready earlier than boys. Daytime accidents may occur and night time dryness might not develop until 4-5 years. The age at which your child is ready is very individual and the more pressure that is applied the longer it takes.  read more...

Night mares and night terrors- Whats the difference?

Sleep is valuable no matter how little you get and when asleep it is nice to sleep soundly! Sudden alarming screaming in the middle of the night is frightening for parents as well as the child. There are differences in the identification and handling of nightmares and night terrors and they usually occur at different times of the night. Lets explore these common events. read more...

Sleeping Issues in School aged children 

The older child can be easier or harder to deal with in terms of applying a strategy for going to and staying in bed. While it may appear easy to use your parental power and negotiating skills, it is also harder dealing with the louder, more mobile, determined, sometimes manipulative child who knows how to push your buttons and verbalise their frustrations. This age group requires more time and effort in after school sports, help with homework and assignments, presentations, reading, transport to parties and play dates etc. which can be very wearing on your patience and energy leading to a situation that is common in younger babies “peace at any price”. read more...

Worms in Children. How to Treat and Avoid them.

Thread worms are thriving everyday in little children and affecting their daily activities and causing sleepless nights for many families. It's not a nice experience but easily identified and treated. I am frequently finding worms a problem for our little pre-school aged non-sleepers and mum and dad are horrified. Worms are spread very easily in the community across all social backgrounds and generations. They are spread most commonly in pre-schoolers’ because in my experience the only things toddlers share are love and germs and this age group are not always efficient at hand washing, particularly before more

Early Morning Waking in Babies over 9 months

There are many reasons for your baby 9 months or older waking early in the morning around 5-6am and not wanting to go back to sleep. If the early waking is upsetting for your family and you would like to try and extend the morning wake time, we need to identify the possible causes of the early waking and deal with each more

Baby or toddler sleep time in daylight savings in Australia

Every year when daylight saving starts the phone calls pour in with parents panicking about the transition of their baby's sleeps and the dreaded daylight saving. I say dreaded because while it may be nice for some to enjoy the extra daylight hours after work or on weekends, it is often a difficult time for parents. The extra daylight entices longer activity in the afternoon/evenings leading to later meal times and delayed bedtimes by toddlers and children "because the sun's still up mum!". This in turn leads to less sleep, overtired children, less "me time" for mums and dad's and all round frustration... read more

Help me Sleep! my baby isn't sleeping anymore...

I wanted to address this topic because I have had a few phone calls about this recently. The parents have successfully initiated their children's new routine and were enjoying more sleep and then BAM! The baby or toddler isnĘžt sleeping again. When investigating the possible reasons for this we need to look closely at your routine and the developmental stage they are going through. It doesn't mean that your 'routine' isn't working or your child has forgotten how to sleep well and yes they will sleep well more

Changing from a wrap to a sleeping bag...

How do we know when it’s the appropriate time to use wraps or sleeping bags or move from wrapping to using a sleeping bag? Most parents appropriately start wrapping their newborn babies in hospital with the Nurses’ direction and continue the practice at home for a few weeks. Some parents report soon after “my baby doesn’t like being wrapped for sleep” and discontinue using more

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