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2018 Private Sleep Seminars

I am running Private Sleep Seminars in the comfort of your home, office or Childcare Centre in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Invite a minimum of six people to attend your event and the host gets theIr ticket FOR FREE. I will run my seminar through your TV, projector screen or on a blank wall and present the seminar of your preferred age group, Newborns to 11 months or 1-5 year olds on a Thursday evening or Friday. Boil the kettle, let your babies play on the floor and we're set for a wonderful few hours full of practical 'lightbulb' moments where the peices of the sleep puzzle fall into place.  

Here's what another mum had to say about the seminar: "I just want to thank you Natalie for such a great day! I attended your 0-11mths seminar initially for sleep & settling info but took away so much more! It was a nice surprise to have so many different issues answered! I will be recommending you to all my mummy friends, I only wish I attended when my daughter was born instead of now at 7.5mths it would have saved me a lot of stress! I also love having your book to refer to for everything! I feel so in control! Thank you thank you thank you!!! K.N.S Newcastle, NSW"


 Sleep Seminar Content   

In three and a half hours gain parenting confidence or learn how to “get your life back”.

Would you like to be empowered with some practical strategies for improving your child's sleeping, feeding and playing?

Do you understand how your childs's day affects their night sleep?

Would you like the confidence to help your child self-settle to sleep WITHOUT a dummy, cry-it-out or controlled crying?

Come along to prevent sleeping and settling problems or solve them!

Addressing my 5 simple steps in The Sleeping Baby System for newborns to 11 months or Sleeping Toddler System for 1 to 5 year olds, including:

  1. Daily Routines-how to create the best day that delivers more sleep!
  2. Eating well-when, how and what to feed (and what NOT to feed for more sleep!)
  3. Playing well-how to help them earn their sleep (and what not to do!)
  4. The bedroom environment- that delivers more sleep anywhere!
  5. Your choice of sleep strategies-help your baby or toddler self settle to sleep (no matter what you have been doing before!)
  6. Your personal questions answered, my favourite products, tricks and much more...

Private Seminar Tickets:  $80 each minimum 6 people 

Ticket price includes handouts and a copy of the

The Sleeping Baby System ebook or Sleeping Toddler System ebook.

Book your seat/s online with a credit card below or phone the Sleep and Settle office on 49634460. 

Baby Sleep Seminar for newborns to 11 months

Toddler Sleep Seminar for 1 to 5 year olds

Single Ticket $80


Secure your seat now. 

Bring a friend, bring your partner, bring your mum, bring your babysitter!


 Hi Natalie,
 I just wanted to write to you to let you know.......Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! It is solely due to your imparted wisdom and knowledge that I now have a brand new baby. Prior to your seminar, Liam would not sleep at all in his own bed during the day. This is not an exaggeration - not even for 20 minutes would he sleep during the day unless being held or in a rocker etc.
 After listening to your recommendations and implementing your program I now have a baby that sleeps around 2 hours at a time after his Feed /Play routine. Liam is so much happier and settled and I am enjoying him so much more (because I am not worrying so much all the time). I cannot thank you enough. I have told everyone I know about you and how they need to get on board!! Your recommendtions are not some new trendy fad or difficult to achieve. They are logical, basic, and sensible. I had many lightbulb moments at your seminar.  
Thanks again - you are a sanity saviour!!! Best Regards, Leanne Charters


Hi Natalie, Firstly I would like to say a huge THANK YOU your seminar was brilliant, everything you have said has worked and your book (The Sleeping Baby System) is an awesome reference for me.  I will always be grateful for the knowledge you have passed on. Many many thanks,  Summer N.


Hi Natalie,  You are a genius. My 16 month old son has slept through since 10 weeks and will only wake and cry for me in the night if he is sick but after sleeping with the vapouriser all winter and the warmer weather his immune system seems to be a little stronger  (he was an very early teether and now have all but the big very back 4). I am so grateful for coming across your website and coming to your seminar because it has made me understand right from early on what my daily plan is and how to read and overcome any issues.
I told a friend about the seminar and she came with her newborn and we have both got good sleepers, never really had any issues, another friend who didn't want to come has had nothing but trouble since day one and it continues. I think every maternity ward should make your seminars compulsory for the sake of the baby. I find far too many people try to tell you why your baby is crying in the early days eg they need a dummy to suck on, and since buying all your strategies (i would read them every day)i just thank them for their input and say to myself 'you have no idea'.

Thanks kareena


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