Helping your baby sleep better... So you can sleep better! (and toddlers too)


Here's what other parents' have to say about their new Sleep and Settle routines...

Hi Natalie, I had a phone consultation with you regarding my 9 month old son Zavier a few weeks ago. I am pleased to report we have him self-settling once again using your guidance. Thank you so much for all of your advice and for giving me back the power. Zavier now does what Mummy wants him to do! I can not recommend you highly enough to our friends. We have also stopped feeding him through the night. Since speaking to you on the phone I have followed your daily routine. This has improved his eating, which I think is helping him to sleep through the night. He is no longer filling up on breast milk and is hungry to eat a nice big meal. He is still waking between 5:30am - 6:30am but we are resettling if it is before 6am and he does not get breakfast until 7am. Hopefully this will eventually teach him to sleep a little longer. Zavier now reads 9 books a day and thoroughly enjoys each one. You were right when you said he could sit still, he just needed a bit of practise. Once again thank you for helping our little boy to sleep, feed and play well.

Rachel, Paul and Zavier Smart.


My 15 week old baby boy Ethan would only sleep if rocked to sleep, and would always wake when put down in cot, so ended up sleeping on me for most of his naps or otherwise he would be overtired and cranky. He would never nap for more than 45 mins, and would not self-settle. I had tried everything and read all the information I could find to help him self-settle. But knew I was doing something wrong, and just needed someone to show me how to do it properly. 


My husband, mother, and I were all amazed that Natalie, “the baby whisperer” we called her, was successful in helping our child self- settle. I felt so much more relaxed and confident that I could do this, and was so proud of my little boy for putting himself to sleep. It’s such an easy method that anyone in my family can put our baby to sleep. The manual provided was very detailed and we followed her settling methods down to a 't', and for each sleep it worked!! It was great also to have follow-up phone calls with Natalie to ask questions, and be reassured that were doing well. Confidence and perseverance is the key!!  

It is so hard to explain in words how much Natalie has changed our lives! She said to me on our last phone call: I can hear it in your voice; you are so happy and confident! That says it all. My husband and I have said Natalie is the best investment we have made. To get our lives back and enjoy our baby is something we are forever grateful for. I used to dread my baby going to sleep; now I can’t wake for him to wake up and see his happy smile, as he sleeps so much! Eloise and Ethan, Cameron Park NSW

Just wanted to send a big thank you and appreciation for the help provided with getting our cooper to sleep! After many months of fighting copper to have his sleeps in his bedroom for longer than 30 mins the help and tips Natalie gave were effective in getting cooper the sleep he needed to be the happy bubbly baby I knew he could be.
Many thanks again!  Jacinta NSW

Hi Natalie, I have a 7 week old baby and have been using your strategies pretty much from the time we have come home from the hospital. I felt that i needed to start as i meant to continue! Our boy is a very good boy and is sleeping really well, feeds 4 hourly and is pretty happy (we are VERY lucky!). I have really loved your book that I downloaded as it really covers a number of aspects that contribute to a happy calm baby. I especially loved the 'uptime' for each age group, as well as the 'when is a sleep over'. The latter has kept me calm when he's been more fussy and not wanting to sleep giving me the opportunity to know that an end is in sight! 

Something that I also loved about your approach is that you say it's OK to cuddle your baby to settle him if you need to! I have loved having a beautiful baby and sometimes a cuddle is just what he (and mummy!) needs to calm down. The flexibility that your approach keeps us all happy and calm- no standing outside the door as he screams for minutes on end! I've read and re-read your book (the new mummy brain doesn't hold as much info as it used to!) and i will continue to do so as times and schedules change!

Thanks, Katy Booth

Mother of Hamish- 7 weeks old Maryland 

Hi Natalie,

It's Leah Scott here. It worked!!! You are a genius. 

Thank you so very much for all your help. Your guidance has been invaluable and very much appreciated. Maddilyn is sleeping through the night in her own cot and going down with little to no fuss. She is also eating much better and is less agitated whilst she is awake. I have not purchased your book yet however will do so in the next week or two. Thank you again. I cannot tell you how much you have helped us. It's amazing and I'm ever so grateful for your help. 

Kind regards,

Leah Scott

Peta Landers (mum)


Hi Natalie, I'm sure that you receive numerous of these emails, but my husband and I really wanted to thank you so very much.

To explain our situation, we have a three year old, an almost nine month old and another baby due in a bit over four months.

We've never really had any sleep problems with our three year old, but our nine month old was a different story. We'd nicknamed him 'Were-baby' because he was a happy baby during the day that changed at night time. He had never really slept any more than four hours at a time during the night since birth and catnapped during the day and this was progressively getting worse as time went on to the point where he would only sleep 1-2 hours at a time during the night and was having two to three feeds during the night and was up for the day between 5-5:30am.

I would dread going to bed at night time, not knowing what was in store and it was complete pot luck when he woke up what it was going to take to get him settled back to sleep and how long that was going to take - sometimes up to an hour or two each time. We did it all - offered him feeds because we thought he could be hungry, burped him because we thought he might have wind, rocked him, sang to him, paced the living room floor at 3 in the morning... we didn't know where to start or what to do - but we knew that 'cry it out' was never going to work for our family.

When I first spoke to you and you said that if I followed the techniques that he would be sleeping 12 hours after three nights, we just could not comprehend what you were saying. We thought we had a special baby that just couldnt be fixed, but we also thought if we used your techniques, maybe he would sleep 4-5 hours at a time which we thought would have been wonderful.

We read the manual front to back, learnt it, absorbed it and went in fully prepared. We tweaked a few things we were doing in each section with his routine, bedroom environment, play and food but followed the sleep technique exactly as you wrote it. It was clear, easy to understand, and I loved the troubleshooting section.

The first day/night, we didn't have total confidence in ourselves, even though the results were immediate - it wasn't until day 2 that we had a little 'lightbulb' moment - that this new sleep routine for him was not a sleep diet/quick fix, it was a whole sleep lifestyle change and that from now on, this was going to be his new routine. After that moment, we never looked back.

You can imagine how we felt when on the fourth night, our little Were-baby slept 12 hours straight. 12 HOURS STRAIGHT. My husband and I had a '3am conference' that night... "he's still asleep, what do we do? is he sick? is there something wrong with him?"... After checking he was still breathing, we left him to sleep... that was a week ago and he has slept 12 hours every night since.

We can't thank you enough for putting your knowledge into that manual - I hope you know what a difference you must make to other families just like us, functioning on such little sleep, desperate for a solution for both of us and our sleepless son - because surely it can't be healthy or good for him to have such little sleep either. As I said, we have another baby boy due in February and we feel so equipped to deal with whatever this new little bubs take on sleeping is going to be!

Thanks again so very much,

We'll be recommending your manual to everyone who asks.

Jade and Melissa Sinclair


Hi Natalie, Just wanted to say thank you for your toddler sleep strategies...


My son is finally falling asleep on his own and its such a nice feeling. He is now 18 months old and I am no longer having to sit in there with him for up to 2 hours some nights....We are having another baby in july and I look forward to reading your newborn strategies also.. which I am yet to purchase.... I hope it is as successful and the toddler system.

Thanks again

Rachel Vera



Hi, Natalie.

This is a somewhat belated thank you from two very sleep-deprived parents of Lucy. Putting your sleep strategies into practice was a bit stop and start for us in the beginning, but we're now into a pretty good routine of settling Lucy to sleep and rarely need to go back in to resettle. I never thought we'd ever be able to just put Lucy down in her cot without much crying from her. But, it's now 7pm and that's what I've just done! Our little 30-minute cat-napper during the day now has two sleeps of at least 1 hour, most often over the hour, and rarely needing to be resettled during that time. I can't say it enough, I never thought we'd be here! Before speaking with you, I didn't feel confident reading Lucy's tired signs and was often trying to put to bed an overtired baby, with both Mum and bub in tears by the end of it. I would get anxious just thinking about trying to put her down for a nap. Gone also are the days of either one of us putting her to sleep in our arms and resigning ourselves to a lost period of time just so that Lucy would sleep. The result is a baby who responds easily to her sleep cues, sleeps for longer periods both during the day and night, is easier to settle when she does wake and is generally a happier baby. She leaves a trail of smiling, happy people at the supermarket because she spontaneously smiles at everyone and they can't help but smile back. We're able to enjoy our baby so much more now. 

Thank you, Natalie.

Bridie and Chris.


 Hi Natalie, 

Thank you so much for returning my call the other day and for your advice re my twin boys. I can very excitedly report that 40 minute naps are a thing of the past! We have had a week with the minimum day sleep length being 1.5 hours and generally they do 2 hours. Soooooo very happy-and they are much happier too, we are getting lovely smiles and giggles rather than whinging and crying all thru their up time! Who would have thought 5 mins longer up and the radio could make SUCH a difference. They still only do 3.5 hours between feeds overnight which I know they will grow out of with time, but now they are sleeping well during the day we are functioning much better as a family again!
Thank you so much for your help and your wonderfully encouraging manner, you've made a massive difference to the happiness and sanity of this household!
Thanks again,
Madeleine Elsegood


Hi Natalie, Just wanted to pass on my thanks for all of your help that has now resulted in weeks filled with sleep for both myself and Liam! 

As you may remember, Liam at 9 months was only sleeping for about 4 hours a night and was in bed with us from around 2am each morning. After leaving your office I really felt equipped to take the necessary steps, empowered with information and confident that this was the best thing not only for Liam but our family. I went home that night and explained to my husband what was required, stressing that the next few days would be rough. The first night was hard, Liam woke numerous times and at one stage it took an hour and 15 minutes to settle him. At about the 45 minute mark I really had to take a deep breath and go back to how positive I was feeling when I left your office and that is how I got through the night. The next night however, Liam only woke three times. Once it took about 15 minutes to settle him, the other two times he self settled. By night three he slept from 7pm to 7am! I must admit I was shocked and absolutely thrilled!

One of the other hurdles I came across was how long it was taking him to settle, particularly for day sleeps. At about day 8, it was still taking me about 15 to 30 minutes to settle Liam and I was having to go into his room at least twice if not 5 or 6 times. I admit, I did start to become frustrated, but took a step back, re-read my notes and really focused on what I was doing. I then realised that I was comforting him for too long and I wasn't reading his tired signs as well as I thought. Within 1 day of me changing my habits, I rarely have to go in there once and he is asleep usually within 5 minutes tops!

I have finally gotten the chance to flick through The Sleeping Baby System for newborns to 5 year olds. It is fantastic! Really practical advise presented in an easy to understand way. Very "first time parent" friendly... you know for first time parents like myself who want to try and do it on their own but sometimes need a little helping hand!

Thanks again Nat, really appreciate everything! We are a much happier, organised, well-rested family!

Cheers, Kate

Hi Natalie,

Where do I start???

To think that 4wks ago 9mth old Lucas would never sleep longer than 3hrs, day or night, I was feeding him to sleep, and feeding him 3 to 4 times at night to settle him. What a nightmare!!

After just an hour with you he now sleeps 12hrs most nights, settles himself to sleep through the day within minutes, and has no need for a dummy. I have only had one unsettled night, and after a follow up phone call, and a discussion about teething, I felt confident that what I was doing was the right thing.

I cant believe that I didnt contact you sooner!! I shout your name to anyone who will are a godsend..Now that Lucas is in bed early and stays there, i have quality time to spend with my other son, and time for me..

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Trudy Burns
Gillieston Heights


Dear Natalie,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your amazing program. Despite having a beautiful, happy 15 month old girl, we could never get her to sleep through an entire night without waking. Our desperation was compounded by the fact that we had another child due in only 8 weeks.  
 From the outset, Natalie filled me with confidence that she could help my husband and I achieve what we were beginning to think was the impossible.

We purchased a telephone consultation package and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The book is great and has several helpful strategies to help get your child to sleep through but it was really Natalie's encouragement and support over the phone that helped me through the first (and very difficult) time. Her phone manner was fantastic and gave me the confidence to do it myself that night and help my husband adopt the new process.

It has now been 3 weeks since we started Natalie's program and I can honestly say that our little girl has slept through every night except 3. On the 3 occasions she has woken up she has only needed a brief visit and her "sleep words" and she will lay down and put herself back to sleep.

The process is simple, easy to follow and most importantly doesn't confuse your child, if you stick with it - we only wish we had heard about Natalie earlier.

Thank You - you have changed our lives


Emma, via email Australia (7 1/2 weeks)


Dear Natalie,
I just thought I'd write a quick email to say thank you for saving my sanity!
After 7 1/2 weeks of a screaming child (feeding issues which have now been resolved), and then constantly walking the house rocking little Lily to sleep only for her to wake up once I put her in her cot, then attempting to settle there, trying slings, prams etc etc, we turned to you.  We had recommendations from family friends, Matt Linnert and lots of other people my husband met during his working day saying you saved their marriage, sanity and day to day life.
I agree.
We purchased the PDF version last Thursday evening and I went through the steps for the first time Friday afternoon.....she went to sleep without a peep!! I was shocked! And she slept for 2 1/2 hours!  Since then she has continued doing this, giving us 4 - 6 hours sleep in her first evening block and 2 - 3 hour blocks after that.  Days are great, I can do housework, I have started reading again, I have my life back and a beautfiul, happy baby to make my life even better.  Sleep is a wonderful thing. My husband and I now have time together again at night and its lovely.  But most of all, lilttle Lily is happy when she wakes and she doesn't cry at all anymore!!
Thank you for this system, its been amazing and even when the end of the day comes and she's being a bit crazy, or she only sleeps for 4 hours at night, that's wonderful compared to a week ago when no sleep was being had.
Thanks again, my husband and I now look forward to having more children and knowing how to deal with things a bit more is the reason!
Emma Lewis



Margaret, email, NSW, Australia  (9 months old boy)

Dear Natalie,
I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know how successful your sleeping baby system and strategies have been for us as a family.  I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a heart felt thank you!!

I attended one of your seminars at East Maitland earlier this year.  I was exhausted and had lost my confidence that my children would ever sleep through the night.  My husband was traveling a lot with his work and I was working part time and going to work after around two hours sleep on most days.

Within 24 hours of returning home from the seminar my 9 month old was self settling.  Previously I had been breastfeeding him to sleep or pacing the house rocking him to sleep.  I remember the first day I tried your routine, I ran out into the back yard with my thumbs up to tell my husband and daughter that he had put himself to sleep.  It only took a few moments of him crying and me returning to him twice to reassure him and there he was sound asleep and happy.  I almost couldn't believe it.

A few months later after a short illness and some new teeth he was waking almost every hour throughout the night.  Which saw me pacing the house for up to an hour each time he woke.  I contacted you for a short phone consultation and purchased the Sleeping Baby System.  Your simple and practical suggestions again helped us.  Your confidence in your own system and strategies gave me the confidence to try something different.  Again in a very short period of time we experienced success.  Who would have thought that a light left on at the other end of the hallway (for my three year old) would make such a difference to my baby's sleep pattern.  The night we stopped leaving that light on Asha slept through.

Natalie, again I say thank you from our whole family.  I have recommended your system, strategies and seminar to every parent I know.

Many thanks and best wishes for the future Margy. S.


Summer, email, NSW Australia

Hi Natalie,

Firstly I would like to say a huge THANK YOU your seminar was brilliant, everything you have said has worked and your book (The Sleeping Baby System) is an awesome reference for me.  I will always be grateful for the knowledge you have passed on.


Many many thanks

Summer N.



Kareena, email, NSW, Australia (16 months old)

Hi Natalie
You are a genius. My 16 month old son has slept through since 10 weeks and will only wake and cry for me in the night if he is sick but after sleeping with the vapouriser all winter and the warmer weather his immune system seems to be a little stronger  (he was an very early teether and now have all but the big very back 4). I am so grateful for coming across your website and coming to your seminar because it has made me understand right from early on what my daily plan is and how to read and overcome any issues.
I told a friend about the seminar and she came with her newborn and we have both got good sleepers, never really had any issues, another friend who didn't want to come has had nothing but trouble since day one and it continues. I think every maternity ward should make your seminars compulsory for the sake of the baby.
I find far too many people try to tell you why your baby is crying in the early days eg they need a dummy to suck on, and since buying all your strategies (i would read them every day)i just thank them for their input and say to myself 'you have no idea'.
I will be coming to your April 2010 seminar in Maitland as a refresher as i am having another baby due date 8-4-10. I just hope the baby comes before the seminar.
See you next year!
Thanks kareena



Belinda, Email, NSW Australia (son 2 years old)

"Hi Natalie, Just wanted to let you know how Olly is going, we've made great progress thanks to your simple yet effective strategies. He now makes jokes about his bottle, pretending he wants one (a two year old telling a joke, can you believe it!), and although he still won't drink plain milk, he hasn't seriously missed the bottle at all. Olly's appetite for solid food is enorous as a result. the jid eats like it's going out of style! What a beautiful thing to watch him enjoying his tucker!! Whether it's related or not his speech has also come along really well since giving up the bottles.

Sleeping is also finally getting results, with Olly now waking most mornings after 7. Natalie such simple strategies again gave us the confidence and support we needed to tackle our baby's sleep and eating patterns and as a result we have a better lifestyle and a happier baby.

You are our saviour and we continue to share our passion for what you do with whoever we know with little ones."



Sally, Belmont, NSW, Australia (2 years old and 3 months old)

"After the new baby came home Elliot (2 years) previously a good sleeper, would not stay in his bed. It often took 2 hours of either one of us staying with him for this time. Newborn only slept for 45 minutes at a time and was very unsettled.

The information provided before, during and after the consultation was first class. We developed a much greater understanding of our children and the importance of routines.

After the consultation we felt much more confident in dealing with our children at sleeptime. We felt as though we could establish better routines and had a plan to guide us.

We are amazed at the result of the consultation. Elliot now goes to bed at 7-7.30pm of a night time without any fuss! Olivia now sleeps 1.5-3 hours for each daytime sleep and has even been sleeping overnight. We could not be happier.

The service was brilliant, and was exactly what we needed. You were accessible and your genuine interest in our results was wonderful."


Melanie, NSW, Australia (6 weeks old girl)

Hi Natalie, you attended my home a few months back to visit us in regards to Ella’s sleep. At first I was overwhelmed by all the information and it took quite a few weeks for myself and my husband to adjust to the new routine for Ella as Ella took this time to adjust also. But I can now say it was the best thing we have ever done to help Ella’s sleep patterns and for us to start sleeping again normally.

I was getting to a stage where I lost my self esteem about being a mum and there was no enjoyment about parenting. There for a few weeks I found it hard to enjoy Ella as all she did was cry because she wouldn’t sleep and I wasn’t aware of when she was tired or hungry. Our daughter Ella is now so much fun we enjoy her every minute of every day, I know when she is hungry and tired as I follow your sleep, feed and play routine as currently she is 5.5mths.
Due to so much success I have recently  purchased your sleeping system to follow through with your routines 6mths and over.

My husband I would like to thank you so much for all your help and the great packages you have provided us. My mum actually made a comment after you first attended and she was looking through your package to help us put it into practice “babies don’t come with manuals but this lady certainly has written a great baby manual with all the right information” she wishes you where around when I was little because I was the worst sleeper, that’s probably why Ella started off the way she did, lol.

THANK YOU for making our life’s return to normal, I can’t thank you enough.

Yours Sincerely

Melanie, Pete and Ella. A.



Suzanne, Adamstown, NSW, Australia (6 weeks old)

"Olivia, 6 weeks. Unsettled during the day and I was using the "feeding to sleep" as a sleep association, which wasn't always working! I could see that we were slipping into bad habits which needed to be broken. Furthermore, I was lacking confidence in settling Olivia, understanding her cries and implementing the feed-play-sleep concept.

The consultation was excellent. Natalie made us feel at ease from the moment she entered the house. We spent 3.5 hours learning all the tools, tips and tricks to use to put Olivia to sleep, what we should do when she is unsettled and how to use feed-play-sleep. Babies don't come with a manual, however the "Sleeping Baby System" is as close to one as you will find! Definately worth the investment. 

After the consultation: At first I was a little nervous, however Olivia was very settled that night and had a great sleep (so did mum). Over the following days, I gained the confidence to settle Olivia as did my husband using what we had learned from Natalie and the manual as a guide for 'what to do next'.

The results were immediate. Olivia had the best afternoon nap in weeks. That night I was more confident in placing her down to sleep and she and I had the longest sleep in weeks. As the days go by I am gaining more confidnece with settling and understanding her cries and we are enjoying the feed-play-sleep."



Lyndall, Rathmines, NSW Australia (6 months old)

"6 month old baby. would only go to sleep on bottle or dummy. Would go to bed around 7pm and wake an hour or so later and up for hours- would not resettle. Had tried controlled crying, it didn't work and I hated it.

The information provided was excellent. Very clear and understandable. easy to follow.

Since the consult baby sleeps 2 hours morning. 2 hours afternoon and 7pm-7am at night. It has changed our lives completely. I am so much more relaxed and confident. THANK YOU SO MUCH.



B.N., Singleton, NSW, Australia (5 months old)

"Colicky symptoms- green poos with every nappy and waking every 2nd hour overnight.

Very thorough good information. Now I am very happy. He is sleeping for long stints at night- he'll never be as good a sleeper as my first baby but I am able to get 4-5 hours straight and that seems to be plently. Also gained alot about play/daytime routines/reading tired signs. Alot more confidence generally about being able to understand where my baby is at and follow through and he definately seems more settled.



Vicki, Barnsley, NSW, Australia (10 months old)

Charli was frequently waking in the night  and needed to be breastfed to get her back to sleep. 10 months old.

There was alot of information given and being sleep deprived it seemed like a lot to take in but the settling technique was straight forward. I was very impressed with Charli's response to Natalie's new bedtime routine. I felt equipped and felt prepared for the nights ahead.

As expected the first night was hard but every night aftr that it just got easier. It is simply a matter of rolling Charli over and leaving the room. 2 minutes compared to 45mins - 1 hour previously. It was explained to me that it would take 3 days and it changed after one night. Thank you.



Brooke, NSW, Australia, (15 months old)

She was bottle fed and would have up to 3-4 a day, I would have to nurse her to sleep with the bottle, then she would wake twice a night for a bottle. I thought the information was all fastastic and very informative. After the consultation I felt satisfied and a sense of relief that finally Jordan will be sleeping and eating better.

For the first time in 15 months our daughter is sleping through and eating better, so we feel fantastic and wish we would have done it sooner. 



Theresa, Medowie, NSW (9 ½ months)

“Cameron went from a reasonable sleeper to a 9 ½ month baby that didn’t want to sleep during the day and woke frequently at night and would take up to three hours to go to sleep in the evening”.

“I found the information provided to be simple and concise. The routine was easily manageable and I was able to alter our daily routine accordingly. Thank you Natalie not only for your service but your kindness and interest in each family is genuine. After the consultation I felt more confident and reassured that I was “in control”. I was full of positive hope that Cameron would be able to self settle and sleep without the screaming/crying protests. The follow-up phone calls helped Me stay consistent and persistent”.

“I am very pleased with our progress over the past weeks even though Cameron has been sick and cut teeth he has maintained a good sleep routine day and night. He is a much happier baby. I was hoping for a miracle and thanks to Natalie we achieved one!”

Nicole, Belmont North, NSW (3 months)

“At three months Alana had no sleep pattern. I didn’t put her in her cot until she was asleep and she never slept well or for long. Then she became overtired and cried in the afternoon”.

The information “was overwhelming but made sense. We realised we would have to work together to make it work”.

Now “it is so different. We now have a routine and Alana is happier. We still have a bad day occasionally but stick to the routine and she slots back into it easily”.

Emily, Waratah, NSW (9 months)

“Not self settling, not sleeping through night, lack of routine 9 months”.

The information provided was “excellent. Logically set out in documents and explained clearly. The analogies with adult experiences really put things into perspective. Afterwards I felt a little calmer and ‘empowered’ with new knowledge and ideas to put into place. A little worried if they would work but perseverance paid off”.

Now I feel like “a new woman!! I now have a baby that settles quite easily around the clock. The routine helps me in organising my busy life and I LOVE having my nights back to myself from 7 pm onwards. I think Oscar is a happier baby now too! I can’t fault you Natalie! You’re my hero!! You are very knowledgeable, friendly, caring and I think your personality suits your profession. It’s nice to be spoken to at an equal level rather than being spoken to down to. Thank you so much!!”.

Debbie, Adamstown Hts, NSW (20 months)

“After an illness Billie refused to go to sleep in his cot (screaming, banging on the wall, jumping and throwing his blanket, dummy etc) and he lost the ability to self settle and insisted lying with mum or dad to in our bed to go to sleep. this would take up to am hour and a half each night. Some nights he would still be awake at 19pm”.

“Natalie’s sleep and settle routine has changed our life. My husband and I used to dread Billies bedtimes, the screaming, the frustration and the stress of a child who refused to go to sleep. Natalie’s sleep and settle routine has transformed this time into a positive, relaxing beautiful family time that we all enjoy. My toddler is now so much happier, able to concentrate for longer periods and enjoy activities because he is well rested. My husband and I enjoy time together and cannot believe how much all our lives have improved”.

“I was initially skeptical about the simplicity of the routine and thought Billie would scream for hours ad hours at the beginning. The first night was about 12 min's, 8 min's the second night and by the third night I didn’t have to go back into his room! I couldn’t believe it! I think the effectiveness and genious of the routine is the simplicity. Billie loves the stories and songs, it’s such a special time and my husband and mother are also confident in the routine. I can only think of two words that describe natalie’s sleep and settle routine. IT WORKS!”

Megan, Shenton Park, WA (4 weeks) Phone Consultation

“4 weeks old, needed props to get him to sleep(sling, mum/dad holding Oscar, bouncing on fitball) only to wake up when put down, sleeping for 30 minutes”.

After the consultation-“ very relaxed-felt like we had strategies and learnt in one session how to help our little boy sleep longer and overall meet his needs better”.

Now-“fantastic-Oscar is now sleeping really well in the day and night with lots of self settling. As a result mum and dad get to have dinner together, mum gets lots done throughout the day and the best thing- Oscar seems really happy and contented whenever he’s awake. Thank you so much!”.

Emma, Whitebridge, NSW (5 weeks)

“Not sleeping during the day much, settling time sometimes taking over 1 hour”.

“The consultation was excellent. It provided myself and my partner much needed confidence and strategies to help settle our baby. The information provided far exceeded what I expected. I definitely felt more confident with settling our baby and picking up on baby cues. It decreased high stress levels that my partner and I were experiencing”.

“My baby seems more content and her sleeping routine has improved dramatically. She is sleeping during the day and her night sleeps have increased in time. She also requires less settling time and is able to get herself to sleep. I am very grateful for your service. It was very professional and personal, you made me feel confident and comfortable. I would thoroughly recommend you to ant new parent”.

Katie, Mayfield, NSW (3 weeks)

“Baby was three weeks old. I was fine so long as she fell asleep after a feed but If she didn’t I felt like I had no idea how to actually put her to sleep. She was also not settling well for day sleeps.

“I think the most beneficial part about the consultation was having a plan. Not a rigid timetable that we had to stick to, but a plan of ‘feed, play sleep’ and then also back up plans for if she won’t settle. It meant we didn’t constantly feel like we were floundering and saying ‘what do we do/try now?’ ”

“I feel much more confident and at ease with the daily ‘routine’. Elizabeth is sleeping well, particularly at night and settling well during the day too. Generally if she doesn’t put herself to sleep, or needs to be settled more than once or twice, then we know there’s something else she’s trying to tell us. We are much more confident parents now!! Thank you so much for your help. I particularly found the comprehensive material you left with us very helpful and I find myself referring to it frequently. I think you’re providing an excellent service”.

Karyn, Ashtonfield, NSW (twins 10 ½ months)

“Ten and a half month old twin boys. Had to nurse twins to sleep, always crying when their go to sleep, not sleeping through the night”.

“I found all information very informative and easy to understand. I felt more confident to be able to teach the boys to sleep peacefully”.

“I feel happy with the new routine. The boys settle easier but ben still needs a bit more settling at the moment when he first goes down, but at least I don’t have to nurse him to sleep”.

Melinda, Waratah, NSW (7 months)

“Baby (7 months) took four hours to get to sleep and only slept for 2-3 hours at any time. He did not have a routine/schedule and was rocked to sleep from birth”.

“The information supplied was very thorough and dealt with all questions that I had. I felt that the information was enough to get me and baby to a certain point, however the one on one consultation was invaluable. The best piece of advice I gained was the paragraph about the baby's cry being their argument that you (the parent) needed to win. I have always jumped to attention with baby's cry and it was great to look at his crying in this context as it took the emotion out of it and made me realise that he was not distressed. As baby is cared for by four main carers (Mother, Father and Grandparents), all of the family have been able to follow the program and have the same level of success across the board”.

“My feelings after the consultation were of success and feeling very positive that I could do this for both baby and his Mum and Dad. At the time when you where here, I was very nervous but this did pass in the first three minutes as you were very calming. Adding to this, knowing that you are only a phone call away helped even though I tried not to call. I used the Father's cheat sheet to explain the process to my husband and totally understand why you have it in a summary format for the dads”.

“You taught me not to go in as quick as I was and since your visit, I am yet to have to pat him to sleep. Baby and the rest of the family are so much better since your visit. We are all getting sleep and Baby is happier then ever...he does not even cry when getting wrapped and ready for his twinkle song like he did originally. On the other side of the coin, I feel that I am a stronger and more confident mother for my son”

“Natalie - I feel that your service is invaluable to Mothers like me. As I am a first time Mother, no class/midwife/doctor/other mothers/etc tell you or show you the how and why of settling your baby. Not that I am wealthy, but I would have paid double for the service you provided and the results that we have had. As far as I am concerned it was the best money I have spent since Walker was born and if I have another baby and we struggle to settle and create the correct sleep cycles, we will not hesitate to contact you”.

Alison, Thornton, NSW (41/2 months)

“Alexis was waking every hour day and night. We would be continuously be giving her back her dummy”.

“The information was easy to follow with a fantastic trouble shooting guide great for late nights”.

After the consultation “I was excited about our new routine”.

Now- “UNBELIEVABLE! Things are fantastic. Alexis now sleeps WITHOUT HER DUMMY, extremely well. It was surprising how quickly things went from awful to terrific. You’re worth your weight in gold. THANK YOU!”.

Judy, Rankin Park, NSW (4 weeks)

“I was inexperienced with babies and did not know about settling t4echniques so getting my baby to sleep was a hit and miss event. I did not know what routine was. I was aware of the concept of routine was but not how to implement one”.

“I thought the information was clear and practical and made perfect rational sense. I was still doubtful anything would work as I had lost my confidence in my own ability to get my baby to sleep”.

“I was happy after the consultation as I had a sense of some sort of plan of attack in looking after my baby. I was still scared of the routine not working at first but I felt more determined to see the routine work”.

“I feel 100% better now that I have been using the routine. I know I make a few small mistakes still when putting the plan into practice, ie: not persisting with the patting long enough etc, but on the whole I am sleeping better, baby is sleeping better and we can see a long term pattern evolving”.

Kerry, Warners Bay, NSW (5 weeks)

“Aedan would not settle through the day at all without having to spend an hour cuddling, rocking, etc. Also mixed up day with night at times”.

The information was “very, very helpful. As first time parents we were getting a lot of mixed information. Natalie was direct and extremely helpful making us more confident”.

“The results were fantastic. Aedan did get the flu very badly although 1-2 weeks after consult, which lasted for 3 weeks. His pattern has changed now”.

Amy, Adamstown, NSW (17 months)

“my son is 17 months old, will not go to sleep without a breast feed and will not eat any solids”.

“It was great that you came to my house and went through it step by step and showed and explained all I needed to know about sleep and settle techniques. I felt excited but also a slight worry about what was going to happen for the next few days”.

“I am so happy that Daniel and I can enjoy each other again due to having more time together. Blake is such a happy boy now and eats and sleeps like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you so much.”

Linda, Hamilton, NSW (6 weeks)

“From the birth of our second child we had difficulty feeding and settling- he seemed to spend most of the day screaming and we were receiving mixed messages. We’d also fallen into a bad habit by using the dummy to stop the screaming.”

The information was “excellent! The information-verbal and written was really comprehensive. We appreciated having Natalie here to coach us through the settling- it made a huge difference to just reading information and trying to interpret it ourselves. For the first time I could confidently interpret a ‘hungry’ cry and pat firmly enough to settle. We were relieved to have a strategy to help us cope! Confident in interpreting Luka’s needs, reassured to have ‘back-up’ from both the information pack and Natalie by phone. The tips for dealing with 2 year old Isobel’s sleep were also really appreciated.”

“At 8 weeks now, wonderful results! We are confident we understand Luka’s sleeping pattern and are meeting his needs much better than we were- in conjunction with dealing with an underlying reflux problem with medication, he is a much happier little boy! (and little girl for that matter).

Fiona, Merewether, NSW, (8 weeks)

Niamh was 8 weeks old and although she would sleep quite well at night she wouldn’t sleep during the day, was very unhappy and unsettled. She would also generally only go to sleep being walked around in my arms.”

“The information provided at the consultation was very clear, easy to follow and understand and practical. The analogies to other situations were very helpful. After the consultation I felt empowered and also relieved as I could see that this could work and would probably help Niamh be more settled and happy”.

“Niamh’s new sleeping routine is fantastic-she is still unpredictable (as all babies are) but when she is awake she is much happier which has in turn, made me much happier and relaxed”.

Melissa, Palm Beach , QLD (7 months) Phone consultation

“not sleeping during the day, using me as a prop”.

“The information provided was excellent”

“The phone consultations gave me incentive”

“My baby’s new sleeping routine is excellent”.

Therese, Kogarah, NSW (10 Months) Phone consultation

“Aiden was 10 months old when I finally realised he wasn’t going to ‘grow out’ of his sleeping problem. Aiden had been rocked to sleep (which took us hours) and then he would constantly wake during the night.”

The information provided was “very easy to read, understand and apply. The phone consultations were very effective! It was convenient and handy. If ever I had a problem Natalie was always there, very supportive”.

Now I feel “refreshed and rested. Aiden now sleeps 11 hours per night uninterrupted and we (mum and dad) are having good long sleeps now. I got the results I wanted and needed.”

Lisa, Bolton Point, NSW (13 months)

“Continual waking during the night for breast feed. Only get to sleep in day if taken for a walk or breast feed.”

“The information provided was “extremely helpful, very easy to understand and made sense. I felt confident with the information and must have read information at least 50 times a day.”

Now I feel “like a new person. I had not had more than 3 hours sleep since I was 8 months pregnant, so it is now lovely to have time from 7 pm to 5 am and a full nights sleep.”

Belinda, Mayfield, NSW (9 months)

“At nine months Harry wouldn’t self settle taking at least 20 minutes of fighting every sleep. He also often only slept for 45 minutes or less during the day. All very traumatic.”

The information provided was “simple, logical and easy to understand. All the steps were explained clearly and in a way that we could see how it would be interpreted from Harry’s perspective. We felt relieved, confident, amazed at how quickly the techniques worked, able to more thoroughly enjoy our baby.”

Now “more confident in dealing with the changes that will occur in Harry’s routine as he grows older and happier all round that we have a better understanding of our baby.”

Renee, Maryville, NSW (11 months)

“He wouldn’t sleep through the night in his cot and woke 5-8 times a night for feeds.”

“The information was very logical, practical and easy to understand. We felt confident and reassured that Brodie’s sleeping problem would be easily solvable.”

“Brodie now sleeps wonderfully- 13 hours a night plus 2 one hour naps. The routine works wonders. Brodie is now initiating the routine himself when he gets tired ?.”

Tracey, North Rothbury, NSW (4 months)

“Catnapping during the day. Only having 1 or 2 20-30 minute sleeps per day, resulting in a whingy baby in the afternoon.”

The information was “Sound and practical advice. It made me realise that a number of small changes could make a big difference. I was relieved that the problem could be fixed. It was also comforting to know that ongoing support was going to be available via phone contact.’

Now “very happy. I now have a baby that is much more content during the day and I am less stressed as a result. I am now able to enjoy better quality time with my son and by myself- Thank you!”

Narelle, NSW (4 weeks)

“Disparate sleeping, hard to sleep and then resettle”.

The information was “very practical and easy to read and understand. The hands on guidance was great in re inforcing your strategies. I felt apprehensive but after re-reading over the info provided and using the simple but effective strategies my confidence in settling Kaeley is increasing.”

“My partner and I are very happy with Kaeley’s sleeping routine. 80 % of the time she will settle herself. We will aim for 100%, well 99% because no-one is perfect. The service you provide is excellent.”

Karen, Whitebridge, NSW (4 months and 19 months)

“4 month old not sleeping in cot , only sleeping in my arms. 19 month old not sleeping in her bed, sleeping with parents. Both had dummies.”

The information was “excellent, made sense. I felt like I could cope. Natalie made things look easy to implement.”

Now “19 months old is excellent, no bottle or dummy. 4 month has bad wind but is getting there.”

Collette, Waratah, NSW (6 weeks)

“Unable to settle and sleep unaided in the day- only would sleep when held and patted/rocked to sleep in arms of caregiver.”

“The information provided was clear, concise, explained well and logical- the written were exhaustive and provided clear reference point for the future use and reinforcement of the techniques and routine.”

I felt “very optimistic!! Under Natalie’s direction, I had settled my baby girl in 2 ½ minutes, where she proceeded to sleep for 3 hours! ( I had to wake her for a feed) I was a converted sceptic!- I knew it was possible for my baby to sleep well in the daytime. I am very happy with the improvement in my baby’s sleeping-se is much happier in her uptime and we now enjoy each other so much more. Our family is much more relaxed and happy and pleased we got help early to help our baby.”

Astrid, Dudley, NSW (6 months)

“not sleeping for more than two hours at a time overnight and only 2 or 3 short naps of 20-30 minutes in the day. Only breastfeeding to sleep.”

The information was “fantastic. I knew that Yasmin needed more sleep and that breastfeeding to induce sleep was causing more problems. Advice was sensible, practical and achievable.”

“Natalie helped settle Yasmin for the afternoon nap which was invaluable as I don’t think I could have done it alone. Also having hand son support/demonstration proved Yasmin can sleep on her own. We now have a fixed routine not possible before with one day sleep of 1 ½ -2 hours and one of 45 minutes. She is now ready for bed at 7pm leaving precious time for myself and my husband in the evening. The telephone support was great especially in the first couple of days when I was feeling very low and tired. Thank you for all of your help.”

Laresa, Cardiff, NSW (12 months)

“Evvey was 12 months old and did not know how to put herself to sleep. She relied on me to rock or pat her and even when she did sleep (daytime) it would only last 3, 10, 20 minutes. She would sleep through the night but again needed me.”

“Natalie’s personality settled me and Evvey instantly. Natalie is friendly and personal. The consult was precise and direct with clear instructions. This was important as I had tried so many things and was very upset and uptight. The routine plan was especially helpful in planning our day.”

“I felt skeptical of success but I’d gained a lot of useful information regardless. I wanted to give it time and my full efforts as I found I believed in Natalie’s knowledge and experience. I did however feel it was controlled crying.”

Now “I feel it’s a miracle. Evvey has thrived on routine and responds immediately to the triggers. Communication and confidence is the key, certainly NOT controlled crying. Natalie’s knowledge and tutoring set our family right with achieving sleep on her own with no crying at all. I would recommend you to anyone Natalie. You are a beautiful person, patient and caring. Thank you so”

Kim, Hamilton South, NSW (6 months)

“She has been a fantastic little sleeper sleeping through the night and well during the day. Unfortunately at about 5 months everything changed and she started not to sleep during the day and waking at night. She did not know how to self-settle.”

“The information was very practical and informative. Best of all it gave me a plan. It also showed me how to be flexible with it. I felt confident and ready to give it a go by myself. Comfortable with determining and reading Charlotte’s different cries. No longer feel like crying with her when she is only whinging.”

“We are happy with 12 hours at night and afternoon sleep. Still trying to figure out the morning sleep, but am sure it will fall into place in a few weeks. Personally I thought the service was very professional, friendly and fantastic. Best of all the results are speaking for themselves.”

Kris, Boat Harbour, NSW (9 weeks)

“not sleeping through the day-very tired and crying by late afternoon.”

The information was “very comprehensive. Covered all areas that concerned me. I felt more confident I could recognise my baby’s tied signs and respond to his needs.”

“He sleeps beautifully! Happy baby and happy parents. I do feel a bit confined to the house but hope I will be able to get out more once Ewan is more established with his sleeps.” Natalie says: once baby is sleeping well at home I encourage mum to go out and put baby to sleep in varying situations to gain confidence and a life.

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