National and International parents-Help is just a practical phone call or skype away…
Consultancy support from an experienced Health Professional.

Ask your health fund about rebates on my services.

Jane, Australia via email “We purchased a telephone consultation and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The book is great and has several helpful strategies to help get your child to sleep through but it was really Natalie’s encouragement and support over the phone that helped me through the first (and very difficult) time. Her phone manner was fantastic and gave me the confidence to do it myself that night and help my husband adopt the new process.”

Short telephone or skype consultation.

A practical call to answer your personal questions and support your application of The Sleeping Baby System ebook or Sleeping Toddler System ebook.
Leave the call with a practical step by step plan to put in place straight away.

  • 30 minutes of Natalie’s personal support $75, payable at the time of booking.
  • 45 minutes of Natalie’s personal support $115, Includes copy of age appropriate ebook, payable at the time of booking.
  • 60 minutes of Natalie’s personal support $150, Includes a copy of age appropriate ebook, payable at the time of booking.
  • Follow-up support 3x 10 minute calls $75.


Telephone/Skype and Ebook Support Package

  • 45 minutes of a practical step-by-step consultancy from a health professional over Telephone or Skype consultation with Natalie
  • plus, a copy of the Sleeping Baby System ebook and Sleep Seminar Video or Sleeping Toddler System ebook
  • plus, 3 x 20 minute telephone/Skype calls for confidence building/troubleshooting support.
  • $250.

How do we get started?

Step 1.

Have a leisurely read of your Sleeping Baby System ebook or Sleeping Toddler System ebook and gain an understanding of Natalie’s complete unique system from start to finish…It’s not just about the sleep! See if any unanswered questions pop up for you that you would like to work on with Natalie personally, about your little one.

If you don’t have the ebooks yet and you have questions you want answered I’m happy to help you.

Step 2.

Fill in the client Enquiry Form in the navigation menu, this gives Natalie an insight into your child’s history and individual sleeping and settling issues. Once received Natalie will contact you to discuss a date and book you in.

Step 3.

You will have your empowering and confidence building practical consultation that revives your parenting instincts and answers all of your questions by a Health Professional.

You will leave the call with a practical plan to implement straight away.

For all international telephone consultations you ring Natalie’s office landline phone number on 61 2 49634460 for the call or skype natalie.ebrill

Ready to take action? Lets talk! Phone: 02 49634460

“Hi Natalie,  Thank you so much for returning my call the other day and for your advice re my twin boys. I can very excitedly report that 40 minute naps are a thing of the past! We have had a week with the minimum day sleep length being 1.5 hours and generally they do 2 hours. Soooooo very happy-and they are much happier too, we are getting lovely smiles and giggles rather than whinging and crying all thru their up time! Who would have thought 5 mins longer up and the radio could make SUCH a difference. They still only do 3.5 hours between feeds overnight which I know they will grow out of with time, but now they are sleeping well during the day we are functioning much better as a family again!

Thank you so much for your help and your wonderfully encouraging manner, you’ve made a massive difference to the happiness and sanity of this household!
Thanks again,
Madeleine Elsegood”

Are you ready to take some action and sleep better? Lets talk!