Childcare Sleep Seminars.

Are you and your fellow parents sadly bonding over sleepless nights at drop off and pick up because your babies or toddlers are not sleeping?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working?

Or, are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of where to start to improve everyone’s sleep?

Are you a Childcare Educator or Director who is looking to support your centre’s tired parents, children and your staff?

Would you appreciate some simple and practical advice from an experienced health professional to get your life back?

Speak with your Childcare Centre’s Director about a Sleep Seminar at your Centre.

Here’s what other parents are saying:

“Hi Natalie, I attended your seminar recently and wanted to thank you for the fantastic information you shared.
That afternoon I decided to implement your strategy and I am still astounded by the success my family has had. The results were instantaneous and although my 4 months old is yet to sleep completely soundly through the night (normal) he can now settle himself without a ‘prop’. I can’t thank you enough. I now feel confident and love putting my baby to sleep so he can grow into a happy and contented toddler! I thought your seminar was extremely professional, well organised and we felt so welcomed with plenty of helping hands if the little one was upset. Congratulations on a great product!”

Sarah. B. Australia.

…and if that’s not enough, feel free to read what other mums are saying on Instagram about Sleep and Settle.

Discover the secrets to helping your baby or toddler sleep better… so you can sleep better, with my 1 hour Childcare Sleep Seminars.


  • Baby-Newborns to 11 months or Toddler-1-5 years.
  • Monday evenings.
  • 6-7 pm or closing time if you are a long daycare centre.
  • Held at your Childcare Centre.
  • Minimum of ten confirmed parent attendees. Maximum determined by your room and seats.
  • Marketing flyer asking for expressions of interest and planned Sleep Seminar flyer provided by Natalie.
  • It is requested that your centre share the seminar details with links to the Sleep and Settle website on your social media pages and provide feedback after the seminar for use on my social media pages.
  • Fees: Ask about the new fee structure that financially benefits your Centre.


Addressing the five simple yet empowering steps of my Sleeping Baby System or Sleeping Toddler System…

Step 1: Daily Routines.

  • Understanding the importance of respecting the newborn to six-month-old baby’s flexible routine that suits their personality and feeding style.
  • Appreciating the natural flow on to the more structured six to 12 month routine that allows for great days that support the baby sleeping through when they are developmentally ready to do so.
  • An ideal age appropriate 12 month plus routine that creates great days and nights

Step 2: Feeding and eating well.

  • Breastfeeding tips that reassure you your baby is getting enough milk to sleep well day and night.
  • Bottle-feeding tips that encourage bonding and great sleep.
  • Simple ideas for the confident introduction of solids and watching for allergic reactions and intolerances.
  • Understanding the importance of age appropriate texture change in solids as baby grows.
  • Helpful information to avoid the natural and artificial food chemicals that affect sleep.
  • Learn the difference between allergies and intolerances and what are the signs in your child.

Step 3: Playing well.

  • The important physical activity from birth that encourages physical development and more sleep.
  • Age appropriate play that creates sleep day and night.
  • The play equipment the paediatric physio’s want you to avoid today.
  • Simple techniques to stimulate your baby and toddler to create bonding and encourage more sleep.

Step 4: The bedroom environment.

  • Where to position the bassinet or cot in the bedroom for maximum sleep.
  • The ideal background noise for great sleep day and night that helps your baby sleep anywhere.
  • The linen secrets for wrapping/sleeping at home and out that will save your sanity.
  • When to immediately and safely transition from wrapping to sleeping bags.
  • Tips for lengthening short sleeps at home and in the stroller.

Step 5: Your sleep strategy

  • Creating sleep-inducing sleep cues for going to sleep anywhere.
  • Understanding the goal of self-settling without controlled crying or cry-it out.
  • How to listen to your parenting instincts and respond to your baby so you feel comfortable and confident with your settling.
  • The sweet spot time to leave the room and hear them self-settle.
  • A choice of toddler sleep strategies to suit their bedroom, your personality and theirs.

Are you excited for your whole family to sleep better as soon as possible?

Once you hear the information you’ll be asking why no one has told you all of this before!

Do you have a childcare centre or a workplace that would appreciate this information?

Here’s more on what other parents are saying:

“Dear Natalie,
I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know how successful your sleeping baby system and strategies have been for us as a family. I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a heart felt thank you!!

I attended one of your seminars at East Maitland earlier this year. I was exhausted and had lost my confidence that my children would ever sleep through the night. My husband was traveling a lot with his work and I was working part time and going to work after around two hours sleep on most days.

Within 24 hours of returning home from the seminar my 9 month old was self settling. Previously I had been breastfeeding him to sleep or pacing the house rocking him to sleep. I remember the first day I tried your routine, I ran out into the back yard with my thumbs up to tell my husband and daughter that he had put himself to sleep. It only took a few moments of him crying and me returning to him twice to reassure him and there he was sound asleep and happy. I almost couldn’t believe it.

A few months later after a short illness and some new teeth he was waking almost every hour throughout the night. Which saw me pacing the house for up to an hour each time he woke. I contacted you for a short phone consultation and purchased the Sleeping Baby System. Your simple and practical suggestions again helped us. Your confidence in your own system and strategies gave me the confidence to try something different. Again in a very short period of time we experienced success. Who would have thought that a light left on at the other end of the hallway (for my three year old) would make such a difference to my baby’s sleep pattern. The night we stopped leaving that light on Asha slept through.

Natalie, again I say thank you from our whole family. I have recommended your system, strategies and seminar to every parent I know. Many thanks and best wishes for the future, Margy Swanson”

Here’s what a Childcare Director says:

“Getting toddlers and babies to sleep can be a daunting task in some households, we have been so blessed to have Natalie come into the preschool and present her Sleep and Settle program to the Educators and Parents, the feedback was amazing!

Parents have since returned to the preschool saying that the changes they have put in place since meeting Natalie have allowed them to get a full night sleep and they now have a daily routine that works for their family. We can’t thank Natalie enough for widening our views on how we can assist children to sleep and settle both here at the preschool and at home with their families.

Kind Regards, Carolyn Roussos

Director Lake Macquarie Educational Preschool”

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