Would you like me to be side by side with you through the whole process?

The Home consultation delivers:

  1. A comprehensive assessment of your child’s current issues
  2.  Creation of a unique plan for more sleep by an experienced health professional
  3.  Six months of personal support to answer any questions and deal with any new issues or developmental stages.
  4. Membership in the private Sleep and Settle Secrets facebook mastermind group.

In person Home Consultation fee $495

New: Zoom (Live Video) Home Consultation fee $395

How do we get started?

Fill in my Enquiry Form here.  I will ring you to discuss your family’s unique situation, create a plan and if we are a good fit, book you in.

Consultation Content

As a Child and Family Health Nurse I provide professional breastfeeding and formula feeding advice, best practice advice on the introduction of solids, address food intolerances and allergies that affect sleep.

We will discuss your child’s individual developmental stages and age appropriate play to earn their sleep for newborns to five year olds.

I’ll help you do a bedroom audit. Sometimes changes we make in minutes can make hours of difference to their sleep.

After a detailed discussion regarding your sleeping and settling goals and deciding on your child’s personal sleep strategy we will head off to bed to implement your child’s dynamic new sleep strategy and fine tune it as required, Minute by minute, aiming for calm. I will be guiding you, monitoring your child’s progress and whispering in your ear the whole time.

I am happy to provide a ‘staged approach’ where you decide on the baby steps we take to achieve your goals. Without the use of Controlled-Crying, Cry-it-out, feeding schedules, sleeping schedules or any strategy that doesn’t encourage you to respond to your child.

We plan for great days and great nights and learn how to get mobile so your whole family can sleep anywhere.

The length of consultation time is flexible to meet your needs (usually 4-6 hours) to address all of your sleeping and settling issues and leave you feeling you have a confident plan.

Follow up

My follow up supports includes unlimited phone calls/texts/emails for 6 months while you work towards your goal. I want you to feel supported everyday, I’m keen to hear of your progress, I want to answer any new questions, troubleshoot through new issues and of course celebrate your sleeping success!

When is the consultation held?

The consultation is held during the daytime. It doesn’t matter whether your baby or toddler’s sleeping or settling problems occur in the day or night, you will be applying the same strategy for all sleeps.

Success rate. Natalie has a 99.9% success rate for her clients self-settling to sleep in their own bed, during the consultation using the Sleep and Settle System. Changing your baby or toddler’s sleeping routine is a gentle process that begins at the consultation, the average time it takes to achieve your goals is 3-21 days. This is not a quick fix program. Your family’s success relies on us working as a team along with the commitment, consistency and persistency of your family and all carer’s post-consultation.

As I am a health professional ask your health fund about rebates on my service.

Lyndall, Rathmines, NSW Australia (6 months old)
“6 month old baby. would only go to sleep on bottle or dummy. Would go to bed around 7pm and wake an hour or so later and up for hours- would not resettle. Had tried controlled crying, it didn’t work and I hated it.

The information provided was excellent. Very clear and understandable. easy to follow.

Since the consult baby sleeps 2 hours morning. 2 hours afternoon and 7pm-7am at night. It has changed our lives completely. I am so much more relaxed and confident. THANK YOU SO MUCH”.

Suzanne, Adamstown NSW, Australia

“The consultation was excellent. Natalie made us feel at ease from the moment she entered the house. We spent hours learning all the tools, tips and tricks to use to put Olivia to sleep, what we should do when she is unsettled and how to use feed-play-sleep. Babies don’t come with a manual, however, the “Sleeping Baby System” is as close to one as you will find! Definitely worth the investment.”

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