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Every day I hear mothers say “why hasn’t anyone told me this information before?”

As a Health Professional, I want to gently inspire and ignite your innate mothering instincts to confidently respond to your baby or toddler’s sleeping and settling needs and enjoy your parenting without ‘Sleep Training’, ‘Cry It Out’ or ‘Controlled Crying’.

Lets ‘Aim for Calm’.

  • Imagine your baby crying less and sleeping more…
  • Imagine your toddler sleeping in their bed all night…
  • Imagine enjoying your parenting with a confident plan…
  • Imagine creating more free time for you to relax and nurture you…
  • How much difference would this make to your life, home, work and relationships?

I want to empower you with the confidence to know how to create great days and nights and find the most comfortable sleep strategy for your baby or toddler. Sometimes it’s not ‘what’ you do but ‘how’ you do it that makes all the difference.

Lets be a ‘Sleep Detective’ together. Small changes made in minutes can make hours of difference to your child’s sleep. For example:

  • Have you tried giving your baby more active play on the floor in their awake time? It helps them feed more efficiently and earn a longer sleep.
  • Have you tried wearing your toddler out at the park in the afternoon before dinner? It encourages them to be hungry for dinner and begging you for bed.
  • Have you tried wrapping your baby in a cot sheet instead of the zip up suits? It reduces movement of the arms and legs, stops the startle reflex and helps the baby sleep more soundly.
  • Have you tried making the child’s bedroom darker? It helps the light sensitive child’s brain be less stimulated and calm for sleep.
  • Have you tried looking for more than one tired sign in your baby? It helps you feel confident about bedtime and makes it easier for baby to fall asleep naturally.
  • Is your toddler up till very late at night? Have you tried putting your toddler to bed earlier in the evening? Often tweaking the timing of their sleeps helps them to sleep longer overnight.

As Child and Family Health Nurse and a parent myself I appreciate that you may be wondering if this will really work when you have already received so much information from many sources and may feel overwhelmed. I would like you to know that I value my reputation, my qualifications and my business and if my system didn’t work I wouldn’t be offering it to you.

The below testimonial is a sample from parents like yourself who were looking for answers and support and are now enjoying their sleep and their parenting. This could be your family.


“Hello Natalie, Your technique has been fantastic.  My baby is getting to sleep by herself time and time again, and staying asleep!  The book really is more like a manual for a new baby and should be given to every new parent! Thank-you. Regards, Sarah.”

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