I want to create a world where parents trust in their parenting instincts, feel connected with their children and are well rested.

You don’t have to do this alone. I know I can help your whole family sleep better and change your life with my simple Sleep and Settle System. The solution is not just about the sleep.

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Congratulations on the safe arrival of your precious little one. As a mother I understand you have dreamt about your baby’s arrival, how you would feel and what life would be like as a mum.

Parenting is the most rewarding and challenging role you will ever experience. There is so much excitement and education around the pregnancy and preparation of the birth…and then they send you home, with your brand new baby, alone and wish you luck at the hospital door.

If you are like me you looked at your baby and thought “How can they send me home with this brand new baby? I have no idea what to do!”  Or “I thought the second or third child would be easier”. I remember being so tired with a four year old, a two year old and a newborn that I thought I would crash the car on the way to pre-school. The days roll on and you push through. Then it hits you…

The emotional roller coaster of sleep deprivation, feeling overwhelmed and realising this is not what you expected.  Sleep is precious and you can’t get enough of it. Whoever said the phrase “sleeping like a baby” was obviously not living in your house… No-one told you your precious little bundle or toddler might actually not want to sleep.

You start seeking solutions from well meaning family, friends, books, Google and the odd facebook parenting group and suddenly you feel overwhelmed by all the contradicting advice. Why isn’t my baby sleeping for as long as the books say they ‘should’ be? How come my best friend’s toddler is ‘sleeping through the night’ at this age and mine isn’t?

I want to create change around current sleeping and settling advice that fails to respect you or your child.

You do not have to:

  • Do ‘Sleep Training’
  • Use the ‘Cry It Out’ method
  • Use the ‘Controlled Crying’ method
  • Follow a rigid sleeping schedule
  • Follow a timed feeding schedule
  • Settle or resettle your child for hours while they and you cry
  • Focus only on the sleep strategy
  • Wait for your child to ‘grow out of it’
  • Believe this is a phase or a ‘Developmental leap’ that you have to put up with
  • Focus on fixing one issue before moving onto the next
  • Stay at home for every sleep.

With every sleepless night impacting on your energy, relationship and parenting confidence it is completely normal to feel that you are just surviving and you don’t have all the answers.

You are not alone and it’s ok to ask for help. You are new to this role. Be kind to yourself.

“It takes a village to raise a child”. This sensible statement reminds us that we don’t have to parent alone. That you, your children and your family will thrive on the love and support of a team of experienced people around you, sharing their wisdom.

You may seek support from a team of Health Professionals in your child’s lifetime for the assessment and management of healthy development, illness and disease.

As a Health Professional with over twenty years of experience, I can be the sleep specialist on your team to gently inspire and ignite your innate mothering instincts. Encouraging you to respond with loving confidence to your baby or toddler’s sleeping and settling needs and enjoy your parenting.

My Sleep and Settle System is simple, holistic and gentle.

  • It’s simply refreshing. Feed well. Play well. Sleep well.
  • It respects that every child is a unique individual with their own personality, feeding style and sleep needs.
  • I want you to feel relaxed at sleep time, take the pressure off how long you have been told your baby ‘should’ be sleeping for and allow them to sleep for as long as they ‘need’ to.
  • Lets ‘Aim for Calm’ and see how you feel minute-by-minute as you navigate your child’s day and new sleep plan.
  • With an age appropriate plan I will empower you with the confidence to create great days that deliver great nights and have a backup plan for the unsettled days.
  • You are the expert on your child. Nobody knows them better than you.
  • I want you to trust your parenting instincts and parent by heart by doing what feels right for your family.
  • Often, we are just tweaking aspects of your child’s routine, feeding, playing, bedroom and sleep to completely change your life and help everyone sleep better.
  • Small changes made in minutes can make hours of difference to your child’s sleep.
  • …and lastly I want to give you your life back so you have the energy to create quality time with your partner and nourish your relationship.

My extensive professional experience and assessment system enables me to quickly identify your child’s sleeping and settling issues and comprehensively pull all the puzzle pieces together to provide you with a confident plan for success.

For over twenty years I have provided services to thousands of local, national and international families. I have also worked with NBN Television, ABC radio, Newcastle Live Radio, Lake Macquarie City Council, the Rural Doctors Network, childcare centres and other health professionals.

I appreciate that you may be wondering if my service will really work when you have already received so much information from many sources and may feel overwhelmed. You’ve tried everything and nothing is working… but the Sleep and Settle System is refreshingly different to anything you’ve tried before and it works because it’s all about your child, your family and doing what feels right for you.

The below testimonial is a sample from parents like yourself who were looking for answers and support and are now enjoying their sleep and their parenting. This could be your family.


“Hello Natalie, Your technique has been fantastic.  My baby is getting to sleep by herself time and time again, and staying asleep!  The book really is more like a manual for a new baby and should be given to every new parent! Thank-you. Regards, Sarah.”

Every day I hear mothers say “why hasn’t anyone told me this information before?”

  • Imagine your baby crying less and sleeping more…
  • Imagine your toddler sleeping in their bed all night…
  • Imagine enjoying your parenting with a confident plan…
  • Imagine creating more free time for you to relax and nurture you…
  • How much difference would this make to your life, home, work and your relationships?

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results..

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CFHN (Child and Family Health Nurse), RN (Registered Nurse), Post Grad Diploma in Health Promotion. 

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