I want to create a world where parents trust in their parenting instincts, feel connected with their children and are well rested.

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Confidence, connection and rest.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

It’s time we think about sleep differently.

For over 20 years I’ve been partnering with families who have done just that, helping them to sleep, have hope and thrive. As a health professional, I created the holistic Sleep and Settle System to not only allow you to find the energy and rest you so desperately need, but also to strengthen your relationships and help build your confidence as a parent.

It’s simple and refreshingly different.

Join thousands of families who have already found confidence and are sleeping well.

Sleep is important. But it doesn’t need to be a battle or your only focus.

If you’re tired and worn out, unsure how to move forward, or feeling confused or disheartened, then it’s time to take the pressure off sleep. Building great days that result in great nights means a happier child, a confident you and a well rested family. You don’t have to constantly question your parenting or live with exhaustion. Change is possible and there is hope for your family – but you need to look at things differently. The solution to your challenging situation is in more than just sorting out sleep itself.

It’s simple, holistic and gentle.

Feed well. Play well. Sleep well.

The Sleep and Settle System is about your child, your family and what feels right for you. My five step approach is refreshing and works towards your end goal of sleep.

With an age appropriate plan for newborn to 5 year olds, you will feel empowered and confident to create days that deliver great nights, respecting your little one’s personality and needs.

We’ll look at your daily routine, feeding, playing, sleep environment and sleep strategies in order to see transformation for your family. I’m here to guide you, helping to shape your new future where sleep isn’t always a battle.

It’s time to take the pressure off sleep and help your family thrive.

I’m a mother who loves her sleep, just like you.

I’m also a registered nurse, child and family health nurse, and an international sleep consultant.

After years of working as a nurse and raising my three daughters, I discovered that effective sleep and settling strategies were only part of the puzzle to feeling confident and well rested as a parent. I created Sleep and Settle knowing that I could use my first hand experience as a health professional to bring lasting change to families.

I know the importance of good sleep and a well rested family – it’s more than a job, it’s my passion. Learn more about why I love what I do.

Are you ready to take the pressure off sleep for your family?

Are you ready to feel confident and well rested?

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Happy Sleeping,

CFHN (Child and Family Health Nurse), RN (Registered Nurse), Post Grad Diploma in Health Promotion. 

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“Hello Natalie, Your technique has been fantastic.  My baby is getting to sleep by herself time and time again, and staying asleep!  The book really is more like a manual for a new baby and should be given to every new parent!

Thank-you. Regards, Sarah.”

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