Sometimes. Your baby cries to communicate with you. Toddler’s can tell you what they’re feeling, babies cannot talk but can communicate with their different cries and body language. Occasionally small changes made in minutes when fine-tuning a baby’s routine can result in great sleeping with no crying at all. However, if you have well-established habits at sleep time your baby or toddler is going to cry in protest at the changes to their new sleep routine.

In my sleep strategies, I encourage you to respond to your baby or toddler when your heart says they need you. Remember that while you are making the decision to improve your child’s routine they don’t know things are going to change and it is reasonable to expect them to protest at the changes. They are sensitive intelligent little humans who need respect when we are changing their routine. THIS IS NOT ‘SLEEP TRAINING’. We are empowering you the parent to create great days that deliver great nights with a personal plan to help you RESPOND to your baby. You apply what works and suits you and your baby.