Are you looking for a simple and practical plan to read and apply right now to confidently guide you through creating parenting confidence, great days, great nights and more rest?

I understand you want to find a gentle and successful solution to your toddler’s sleeping problem that allows you to respond in a personal way and start it today. But… you’ve tried so many other strategies and read all of the books and you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You just want feel confident about your toddler’s routine and enjoy more sleep more than anything else and that’s ok.
Introducing…The Sleeping Toddler System ebook

How to help your toddler sleep better… so you can sleep better.

One to five year olds having one sleep a day.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to achieve quality sleep for your toddler, Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before.
My name is Natalie Ebrill, Baby Sleep Consultant and mother of three. I established my private consultancy practice Sleep and Settle® in 2004.
See if this sounds familiar?

“Dear Natalie, Just a quick note to say thank you for your amazing program. Despite having a beautiful, happy 15 month old girl, we could never get her to sleep through an entire night without waking. Our desperation was compounded by the fact that we had another child due in only 8 weeks.  From the outset, Natalie filled me with confidence that she could help my husband and I achieve what we were beginning to think was the impossible.

We purchased a telephone consultation package and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The book is great and has several helpful strategies to help get your child to sleep through but it was really Natalie’s encouragement and support over the phone that helped me through the first (and very difficult) time. Her phone manner was fantastic and gave me the confidence to do it myself that night and help my husband adopt the new process.
It has now been 3 weeks since we started Natalie’s program and I can honestly say that our little girl has slept through every night except 3. On the 3 occasions she has woken up she has only needed a brief visit and her “sleep words” and she will lay down and put herself back to sleep. The process is simple, easy to follow and most importantly doesn’t confuse your child, if you stick with it – we only wish we had heard about Natalie earlier. Thank You – you have changed our lives. Jane”

Yes, that’s all it took! And it can work for you too…

I know, because it has worked for thousands of people just like you. For one to five year olds.

It’s never too late to start because you can change habits in as little as three days. I’m simply empowering you the parent with the confidence to understand and anticipate your toddler’s daily needs, communicate effectively to prevent problems, create a great day so they are begging you to go to bed and want to stay there all night!

However, I don’t expect you to believe me until you read even more real family stories…

“Hi Natalie, Just wanted to say thank you for your toddler sleep strategies..My son is finally falling asleep on his own and its such a nice feeling. He is now 18 months old and I am no longer having to sit in there with him for up to 2 hours some nights….We are having another baby in July and I look forward to reading your newborn strategies also.. which I am yet to purchase…. I hope it is as successful and the toddler system. Thanks again Rachel Vera”

I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly – your situation is NOT hopeless.

Here’s another family story…

“Dear Natalie, I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful information. I was dreading making the changes to help our (almost) 2 year old go to sleep in her bed instead of in front of the TV, which is what was happening. What made it so much easier was that I was able to get my husband to read the information you supplied, so that we were both partners in the process of getting her to bed, we did the same thing, and we were consistent. We take turns putting her to bed on a 2 day rotation which works great. Thank you for your knowledge, and empowering us with the confidence to make positive changes. Lee and Troy C. via email, Australia”.

The big problem is that people who have toddlers standing up in the cot at all hours or that won’t go to bed have made two simple mistakes.

The two biggest mistakes that most parents make that will never get you the results you want are:
Only focusing on the sleep strategy.
Only trying well-meaning advice for 1 hour, 1 sleep or 1 day.
I understand that you have a range of ‘survival’ techniques that you use to get through each day and night especially at 3am! But what if you could implement a new plan, that gave you understanding and confidence, prevented unnecessary waking and helped the whole family to sleep better.

That’s why you need to try something refreshingly different…
Here’s how I can help you improve your toddler’s sleeping and settling starting today…
My system gives you a 5 Step Plan to follow. It’s different than anything else on baby sleep you’ve read. I hold you by the hand and walk you through each vital step so you don’t miss anything and have the understanding to improve your toddler’s sleep. This information has been tested and refined from over a decade of personal and professional experience.

Imagine your toddler whinging less and sleeping more…
Imagine your toddler begging you for bed and staying there…
Imagine enjoying parenting confidence…
Here Are Just a Few of the Simple Secrets Inside The Sleeping Toddler System® for One to five year olds

Step #1 Daily Routines
Having a confident plan for your child’s day allows you to encourage sound sleeping and prevent unnecessary whinging.
A simple plan that helps you create great days and avoid over tiredness!
When to have active and quiet play that encourages sleep?
How to adjust your child’s routine from 2 sleeps to 1.
The simple tricks to prevent early risers so everyone sleep in as long as possible.
Tips on escaping the house and helping your child sleep anywhere, you don’t have to be stuck at home. I want you to have a life!
…..and much more

Step #2 Eating Well
When your baby eats well they are happy to play and sleep well!
Tricks to encourage fussy toddlers to eat the family’s meals so you are not making a different meal for everyone.
The three key essential food groups for your toddler’s meals that help them feel satisfied and reduce snacking.
Food intolerances and where to go for help.

Step #3 Playing well
Play is your child’s time to learn, develop their brain and earn their sleep.
Understanding age appropriate play for your toddler to keep them busy and entertained.
Appreciating how play affects your child’s sleep so you encourage more of it.
Dealing with tantrums
Teething and illness issues
Rainy day tips for wearing out your toddler
Developmental milestones
Play ideas
…..and much more

Step #4 The bedroom environment
Now that your baby is ready for bed lets encourage it to be sleep inducing. Sometimes changes made in minutes make hours of difference to their sleep!
How much light is appropriate in your child’s bedroom?
My secret ‘Sleep and Settle Sheet Trick’ that you will love for the cot!
What your child should wear to bed to encourage sleep and prevent unnecessary night waking!
Discover the most appropriate background noise to encourage flexible sleeping in your child anywhere!
Making moving to the big bed easier.
…..and much more

Step #5 Choose your sleep strategy
So far we have your child’s day confidently planned, they’re eating and playing well and their bedroom encourages sleep! Now we will help your child self-settle to sleep so they and the whole family will sleep soundly.
Understanding your baby’s sleep cycles and why they sleep for 20, 30 and 45 minutes.
What is self-settling and why is it important for sleep?
What is stopping your child from self-settling in their own bed and disturbing your sleep?
A simple technique to help your child as best we can to understand the changes to their routine even if they can’t talk.
The simple keys to successful sleep for your toddler that will ensure your success.
A list of the normal reasons for your child waking in the night so you can take positive action!
Personal cues to simply and respectfully communicate Choose your self settling sleep strategy for your child in a cot
Choose your self settling sleep strategy for your child in a big bed.
Your back up plan.
And much more…

The Sleeping Baby System™ Bonus Tools!
I want to make it easy for you to implement and monitor your progress. The following tools will prompt and remind you for when you are tired and encourage other carers to follow your routine and support you.
Tools to monitor your progress and see results over the first week to show you your new routine is working!
A checklist for reading this manual and highlighting the changes you need to make.
Your toddler meal planner.
Your toddler in a cot bedroom door reminder guide
Your toddler in a big bed bedroom door reminder guide

The Sleeping Baby System™ Bonus documents
7 ‘Bonus’ documents on the most common problems parents like yourself ask me about everyday.

Another testimonial:

“Babies don’t come with a manual, however the “Sleeping Baby System” is as close to one you will find! Definitely worth the investment. The Sleeping Baby System is a great tool to guide me through what to do next and provide me with the reassurance that once I had exhausted all avenues to settle her, to begin the uptime and get on with my day. I like how the manual explains ideas and tips to tackle the different phases of a babies development.” Suzanne Keddie NSW Australia

Is this program right for you?

Are you?…

Tired and ready to improve the sleep of your whole family…..
Wanting to watch and not just read the information…..
Looking for personal choices to make for your baby…..
Willing to follow my 5 simple steps with the support of those close to you…..
Ready to enjoy your parenting more…..

Then you are ready for The Sleeping Toddler System.

Here’s another family story…

Sally, Belmont, NSW, Australia (2 years old and 3 months old)”After the new baby came home Elliot (2 years) previously a good sleeper, would not stay in his bed. It often took 2 hours of either one of us staying with him for this time. Newborn only slept for 45 minutes at a time and was very unsettled.

The information provided before, during and after the consultation was first class. We developed a much greater understanding of our children and the importance of routines. We are amazed at the result of the consultation. Elliot now goes to bed at 7-7.30pm of a night time without any fuss! Olivia now sleeps 1.5-3 hours for each daytime sleep and has even been sleeping overnight. We could not be happier. The service was brilliant, and was exactly what we needed. You were accessible and your genuine interest in our results was wonderful.”

Okay, so what’s the investment for this empowering system covering one to five year olds?
The Sleeping Toddler System ebook for One to Five year olds (PDF) for you to download right now….Au$39

***This product is designed for babies and toddlers 1 year and older. It is not appropriate for babies under the age of 1 year. The daily routine, play, development and sleep strategies outlined are for a child having one day sleep and eating solid meals for all meals and snacks. Please apply your child’s corrected age if they were premmies until they are 12 months corrected and then you can use their actual age.***