Hi Natalie, I had a phone consultation with you regarding my 9 month old son Zavier a few weeks ago. I am pleased to report we have him self-settling once again using your guidance. Thank you so much for all of your advice and for giving me back the power. Zavier now does what Mummy wants him to do! I can not recommend you highly enough to our friends. We have also stopped feeding him through the night. Since speaking to you on the phone I have followed your daily routine. This has improved his eating, which I think is helping him to sleep through the night. He is no longer filling up on breast milk and is hungry to eat a nice big meal. He is still waking between 5:30am – 6:30am but we are resettling if it is before 6am and he does not get breakfast until 7am. Hopefully this will eventually teach him to sleep a little longer. Zavier now reads 9 books a day and thoroughly enjoys each one. You were right when you said he could sit still, he just needed a bit of practise. Once again thank you for helping our little boy to sleep, feed and play well.

Rachel, Paul and Zavier Smart

My 15 week old baby boy Ethan would only sleep if rocked to sleep, and would always wake when put down in cot, so ended up sleeping on me for most of his naps or otherwise he would be overtired and cranky. He would never nap for more than 45 mins, and would not self-settle. I had tried everything and read all the information I could find to help him self-settle. But knew I was doing something wrong, and just needed someone to show me how to do it properly.