Are you looking for a simple and practical plan to read and apply right now to gently guide you through creating parenting confidence, great days, great nights and more rest?

I understand you want to find a gentle solution to your baby’s sleeping problem that allows you to respond to your baby and start it today. But you’ve tried so many other strategies and read all of the books and you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You just want feel confident about your baby’s routine and reduce the crying more than anything else.

Introducing…the Sleeping Baby System eBook for newborns to 11 month olds.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to achieve quality sleep for your baby, aiming for calm, even if you’ve tried everything before.

I know, because it has worked for thousands of people just like you.

It’s never too early to start because we are not forcing your new baby into a routine. I’m simply empowering you with the confidence to anticipate your baby’s age appropriate needs and guide the quality of their day. To know how to prevent over tiredness, create a great day and improve an unsettled one.

I understand that you have a range of ‘survival’ techniques that you use to get through each day and night especially at 3am. But what if you could implement a new plan, that gave you understanding and confidence, prevented unnecessary waking and helped the whole family to sleep better.

That’s why you need to try something different…

Here’s how I can help you improve your baby’s sleeping and settling starting today…

My system gives you a 5 Step Plan to follow. It’s different than anything else on baby sleep you’ve read. I hold you by the hand and walk you through each vital step so you don’t miss anything and have the understanding to improve your baby’s sleep. This information has been tested and refined from over a decade of personal and professional experience.
Imagine your baby crying less and sleeping more…
Imagine enjoying parenting confidence…

Here Are Just a Few of the Simple Secrets Inside The Sleeping Baby System-for newborns to eleven month olds

Step #1 Daily routines

Having a confident plan for your child’s day allows you to encourage sound sleeps and prevent unnecessary crying.

The simple flexible routine for 0-6 month olds that you adapt to your baby’s feeding style so we treat them as an individual.
Discover age appropriate awake and sleep times for happy babies.
A simple plan that helps you create great days and avoid over tiredness.
The simple stages of the fixed routine for 6-9 months and 9-12 months, that walks you through when to offer the solid meals, the dropping of milk feeds and day sleeps from 3 to 1.
When to have active and quiet play that encourages sleep.
The simple techniques to prevent early risers so everyone sleep in as long as possible.
Tips on escaping the house with the new baby and helping your child sleep anywhere, you don’t have to be stuck at home. I want you to have a life!
…..and much more

Step #2 Eating well

When your baby eats well they are happy to play and sleep well.

Gain breastfeeding confidence and enjoy your breastfeeding experience even more.
Discover efficient bottle feeding and personalise your plan for your baby.
The simple techniques to help you improve your baby’s distracted milk feeds and how to help them through this phase as soon as possible.
The confident introduction of solids so you can start at your baby’s pace.
How teething and illness affect your child’s appetite and meals.
Understanding how your child’s diet affects their night sleep and demand for milk overnight.
……and much more

Step #3 Playing well

Play is your child’s time to learn, develop their brain and earn their sleep.

Understanding the simple cues and sounds of your baby so you can understand how they are feeling.
How to comfort your reflux and colic baby and reduce their pain and discomfort.
Enjoying age appropriate play with your baby so you both don’t get bored.
Appreciating how play affects your child’s sleep from birth so you encourage more of it.

…..and much more

Step #4 The bedroom environment

Now that your baby is ready for bed lets encourage it to be sleep inducing. Sometimes changes made in minutes make hours of difference to their sleep.

The ideal amount of light in your child’s bedroom.
Bassinet or cot and when do you transfer from one to the other?
Where to place the bassinet or cot in the bedroom and how that affects your baby’s sleep.
Wrapping secrets- the ‘Sleep and Settle Wrapping Technique’ that keeps them sleeping!
My secret ‘Sleep and Settle Sheet Trick’ that does half the settling for you.
Ideal clothing to wear to bed to encourage sleep and prevent unnecessary night waking.
How to transition from wrapping to sleeping bags with minimal disruption to your child’s sleep.
Discover the most appropriate background noise to encourage flexible sleeping in your child anywhere.
Hang the mobile in this place to encourage sleep.
…..and much more

Step #5 Choose your sleep strategy

So far we have your child’s day confidently planned, they’re eating and playing well and their bedroom encourages sleep. Now we will help your child self-settle to sleep so they and the whole family will sleep soundly.

Understanding your baby’s sleep cycles and why they sleep for 20, 30 and 45 minutes.
The magic age for your child being ready to sleep through the night that you will feel comfortable with.
What is self-settling and why is it important for sleep?
What is stopping your child from self-settling in their own bed and disturbing your sleep?
A simple technique to help your child as best we can to understand the changes to their routine even if they can’t talk.
The simple keys to successful sleep for babies that will ensure your success.
A list of the normal reasons for your child waking in the night so you can take positive action.
Personal cues to simply and respectfully communicate with your child to encourage sleep anywhere.
Choose your comfortable self-settling sleep strategy for 0-6 month olds that suits your baby’s and your personality and allows cuddles.
Choose your self-settling sleep strategy for 6-11 month olds that also deals with the mobile baby crawling and standing up and allows cuddles.
Your back up plan.
How and when to drop night feeds in your child that doesn’t need them anymore and needs a full night sleep like yourself.
…..and much more

The Sleeping Baby System Bonus Tools!

I want to make it easy for you to implement and monitor your progress. The following tools will prompt and remind you for when you are tired and encourage other carers to follow your routine and support you.

Tools to monitor your progress and see results over the first week to show you your new routine is working!
0-6 month old baby tool to prompt your steps and remind you.
6-12 month old baby tool to prompt your steps and remind you.

The Sleeping Baby System Bonus documents

‘Bonus’ documents on the most common problems parents like yourself ask me about everyday.

Is this program right for you?

Are you?…

Tired and ready to improve the sleep of your whole family…..
Wanting to watch and not just read the information…..
Looking for personal choices to make for your baby…..
Willing to follow my 5 simple steps with the support of those close to you…..
Ready to enjoy your parenting more…..

Then you are ready for The Sleeping Baby System

Ready to take some action?

The Sleeping Baby System ebook for newborns to eleven month olds (PDF) for you to download and print right now Au$39

*This system is designed to for newborns to 11 month olds. The routines and strategies are specific to this age group and would not suit a baby 1 year or older having one day sleep. Please apply your child’s corrected age if they were premmies until they are 12 months corrected and then you can use their actual age.*

Happy Sleeping,

Natalie Ebrill, Child and Family Health Nurse, Registered Nurse and mother of three. Sleep and Settle® 2004.

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